Brent Lindeque


A personal crusader on a mission to empower through the power of positive thinking, Brent Lindeque has achieved global recognition for this forward thinking approach, and has inspired a nation.

Brent unwittingly started a social media revolution through his positive spin on #neknominations.

The Random Acts of Kindness Nominations (raknominations) that he started through his simple YouTube gesture spread around the world, touching hundreds of thousands of people, and saving lives and spawned numerous similar initiatives including the recent ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge.

Recognised as one of the Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 Young South African’s as well as a Primedia LeadSA Hero, Brent is a modern day family man, proud South African, Passionate Entrepreneur, Determined Dreamer & a Primal Optimist whose story and vision is as inspiring as he is.

Many have the power to inspire. Many have the ability to use social media for good. Few are able to combine the two, whilst remaining true to themselves.

Brent Lindeque is a young South African that, due to an undying belief in the power of positivity, and a fair amount of luck has succeeded in achieving great things, in a small amount of time. His decision, to turn a frivolous internet drinking game nomination, into a Random Act of Kindness, literally Changed Everything.

Brent Lindeque pioneered the #ChangeOneThing movement which went viral internationally Using the simple premise that YOU have the power to change everything.

His story is both inspiring, accessible and relevant.

As a new breed of South African celebrity, Brent is a fresh new talent on the South African corporate event scene. As a scripted, or off-the-cuff presenter he brings to events a young, relevant and interactive stage presence combined with an infectious energy and laugh.

Equally suited for Formal Functions, and Full Day Conferences, Brent is a versatile, and passionate personality.

In 2009 Brent Lindeque left his safe, corporate, salaried position, to follow his dream to be an entrepreneur. Chaos Theory is a Brand Activation & Events agency that works with numerous Blue Chip South African corporates, and marketing agencies to deliver excellence in bringing brands to life in the real world.

In a highly populated market-place, Brent has grown this business exponentially since start-up and today it continues to evolve and expand rapidly including a newly launched Social Media division, targeting small to medium businesses.

Brent enjoy’s a significant social media reach through ongoing dialogue with his Social Media platforms.

With over 50,000 Twitter Followers and 100,000 Facebook Fans on his various pages, Brent is already an ambassador for several brands, using his opinion, and related communications platforms to talk about the things, and brands, that he loves.


Goes beyond the conventional business discussions, offering a unique exploration of the positive aspects within the South African context. Through engaging storytelling and thought-provoking insights, Brent Lindeque challenges preconceived notions and invites attendees to see the brighter side of the nation’s narrative. Business owners stand to gain invaluable insights on resilience, innovation, and community building, all of which contribute to a more optimistic and empowered approach to business in South Africa.

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