Brett Shuttleworth


Brett Shuttleworth is an inspirational speaker, consciousness trainer, mentor and coach, best selling international author and formerly an international rugby player, ex-supermodel and Hollywood actor. At the pinnacle of success, he started a journey to find out what makes his soul smile and uncover his Truth.

Fulfilling his quest, today, he transforms lives globally and inspires those he trains and works with to step into their greatness.

Brett is the founder of Smiling Soul Creations and Smiling Soul Coaching Academy. He hosts Smiling Soul Retreats internationally in South Africa, India, Bali and Croatia; and he facilitates transformational live as well as online programs that are cutting edge, taking people on a journey of love and awakening to live their highest potential and attain their greatest vision.

With over 25 years of experience leading teams in the corporate and Government sectors, as well as transforming the lives of individuals, Brett is most passionate about the human journey to Self-realisation. He is a world-renowned facilitator who has trained over 27000 individuals to date.

Brett’s intention is to create a ripple effect of love in the world by making the spiritual process mainstream. He strongly believes that the only way to do this is to discover who you truly are. If you have not realised Self you have wasted a lifetime. Something beyond body and mind should become a living experience for everyone in the world. It is by tapping into this infinite source of intelligence that it’s possible to accomplish anything.

“To me crossing the river from the outside world to the inside world, is where and how you discover your true self. I know for a fact that within each and every one of us, there is this marvelous knowing: that we are destined for greatness and the expression of our highest selves to the world. It is a self that you haven’t been trained to believe in; you’ve been trained to believe in your ordinary awareness. It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not. My mission is to guide you back to your source of extraordinary potential, thereby creating a ripple effect of love across the globe.” – Brett Shuttleworth”


My presentations have been designed specifcally to suit corporate settings, conferences and events. I address fundamental questions of leadership, empowerment, business and life, and what it will take for you and your organisation to succeed all around.

I will inspire and motivate you and your staff or team to be courageous and take responsibility for your own success.


  • Leadership – Legends aren’t born, they’re created
  • Business & Staff Motivation – Love is the New Currency
  • Groups, Conferences & Events – Customized to client specifications

The integration of my Hojo training represents the practical application of the 7 Fundamentals that I teach.
The strength of the Hojo training lies in its ability to facilitate the organic seeing of each participant’s core strength, authentic power to create and limitless capacity to manifest. Discover the profound ability to create a personalized formula to success, nurture and celebrate team spirit and the ability to manifest extraordinary results from your being – and watch the team-spirit come to the party while having tremendous amounts of fun!


  • Team Building
  • Sports Team Coaching
  • One-on-One Power Coaching



  • Connecting to core power
  • Self-created formula to success in all areas of life
  • Commitment plus integration of success formula
  • Freeing of potential
    Permanent shift through organic seeing of ability to act from
    commitment, free of thinking & feeling
  • Team awareness



  • Increase in Sales
    Mastery of self-leadership, self-accountability & self-motivation
  • Ability to give & receive authentic feed-back
  • Focus & clarity in communication
  • Unleashing of team-spirit
  • Making winning choices

Champagne Brunch, High-tea or Gala Dinner… The choice is yours!

These events are uplifting, interactive and fun peppered with music, dancing, prizes and gifts, with a resounding success track record. Along with a positive and inspiring message this is the perfect opportunity to let go in my company as your host.

  • Motivational Presentation

Sharing of inspiring insights based on my real life experiences, and ultimately discovering love and what it really means to live a soul smiling life.

  • Champagne Moment

An interactive champagne meal while you complete the task I set for you – with the intention of lifting spirits and energy in the room.

  • Talk Show

I invite the audience to join me on a couch to ask any questions residing in their hearts! The talk show is fun, light and engaging.

We select unique outdoor locations and travel experiences, such as our adventure across incredible India, so that the participants are able to fully let go in experiencing themselves and their surroundings. We are able to create a platform through Retreats, Wellness Programs or customized facilitation that offers a myriad of benefits to your employees and ultimately your company.


  • Context setting at the start of each day or Programme Motivational Sessions
  • Live Q&A
  • Frame programme to enhance and create new levels of awareness
  • Visualisation Exercise
  • Hojo Japanese Martial Arts Sword-Fighting
  • Customized Program Workbooks
  • Inspiration which will leave each participant enriched forever and having had the best time!

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