Rosanthorn Cello Trio


Rosanthorn Cello Trio Book Now About ROSANTHORN CELLO TRIO are new, innovative and one of the most enchanting new collaborations on the corporate entertainment scene. This stylish act takes the cello to new heights with their hauntingly beautiful music and bewitching performances. The Album: This world-first all-female electric cello trio has released their first album. […]

The Muses

The Muses

The Muses Book Now About The Muses are an electric string quartet based in Johannesburg with a love and passion for entertaining. If there is a party worth starting, the best ignition mechanism is this funky four-piece out of Gauteng that will take any sensible situation and turn it into a sensational night to remember, […]

The Cellosphere

The Cellosphere

The Cellosphere Book Now About The Cellosphere the ‘Bubble’ or ‘Sphere’ presents the performer in a magical context, creating an unbeatable experience! This enthralling concept has become a sensation at events worldwide! Carol Thorn latest venture is The Cellosphere – a transparent globe that presents the performer in a magical context. This new, innovative concept has taken the corporate […]

Carol Thorns

Carol Thorns||||||

Carol Thorns | Entertainment Book Now About Carol Thorns – Conference Entertainment is South Africa’s leading electric cellist, has been performing on South African and international soil for over a decade. Armed with her striking red cello, she has won fans over in India, Dubai and the UK. She was awarded a four-star rating for her […]

Caitlin De Ville

Caitlin De Ville Book Now About Caitlin De Ville is a Zambian born and fiercely patriotic, Cait has performed across the world for Royalty, Presidents and World Leaders. She has performed in Austria, Germany, Ghana, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malawi, Mauritius, Montenegro, Namibia, Romania, Seychelles, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), USA […]

Judy Brown

Judy Brown|||

Judy Brown Book Now About Judy Brown – Conference Saxophone launched her debut album, Liquid Sax at The Grand Daddy Hotel’s Rooftop. I have no doubt that this was the hottest album launch I have ever attended. I would forecast that she is going to be in high demand’ What’s On SA Judy holds a Bachelor […]


CODA Africa

CODA Book Now About CODA – Conference Entertainers (say: Ko-da) noun. A section of a movement added at the end to clinch matters or where all significant themes come together.CODA Africa is Zami Mdingi (vocals), Galina Juritz (electric violin), Carol Thorns (electric cello), Judy Brown (sax) and DJ LuvChild. Fronted by powerful vocalist Zami, CODA Africa […]

Cathy Del Mei

Cathy Del Mei||||

Cathy Del Mei Book Now About Vibrant and vivacious, Cathy Del Mei – Conference Entertainer is an exciting saxophonist with years of experience. From hotel lounges to theatre, and from clubs to corporate functions, Cathy has played for prestigious clients and top selling shows. Apart from the sax, Cathy is also a great keyboard player, having played […]

Steve Barnett

Steve Barnett | Silent Conductor Book Now About IMAGINE A WHOLE AUDIENCE OF NON-MUSICIANS BECOMING AN ORCHESTRA, NATURALLY AND EFFORTLESSLY. Steve Barnett is the Motivational Non-Speakers, Silent Conductor. Barnett was born and raised in South Africa, where he was infused with the country’s unique rhythms. He believes that the pulse and energy of his homeland […]

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