Dawie Roodt


Dawie Roodt career in economic and political analysis spans over 25 years and includes nine years as an economist at the South African Reserve Bank as well as being the economic editor of a financial publication.

He published his first book in 2013, ‘Tax, Lies & Red Tape’, which has been reviewed as a “fresh, thought-provoking and entertaining look at economics in South Africa”.

His academic qualifications include a Masters Degree (cum laude) in economics. Dawie’s interest in economics is not always limited to the conventional. Apart from his formal studies, he also studied communism. He was also made an honorary member of Golden Key International Honour Society (2012) and he is also a member of the Institute of Directors of South Africa.

Dawie Roodt is known for his extensive knowledge of the South African economy, his analytical nature and his exceptional communication skills. He is highly efficient in conveying complicated economic information into everyday language.

Regular television appearances, broadcasts on radio stations and comments printed and electronic media have all contributed to making him one of South Africa’s most quoted economists. He has received recognition for his achievements in in academics, broadcasting and public speaking. Dawie is also an MBA lecturer on macro-economics at the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

To balance his enthusiasm for economics, Dawie Roodt has many hobbies and interests but he will easily admit to his lifelong passion for nature. He is also a keen traveller with a special interest in the African continent, as well as being involved in various charities.

During 2007, Dawie Roodt – Economist Speaker received his national colours for powered paragliding and he represented South Africa at the World Championships in China. His other hobbies include scuba diving, pigeon shooting, ichthyology (the branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish) and the odd breakfast run on a twin V. He was also awarded a lifetime honorary membership of the Zoological Society of South Africa in 2013.


Dawie’s presentations consist of an overview of the current International and Domestic economic affairs. The presentation analyses recent global economic events and its impact on South Africa.

Special focus can be provided within this framework to specific countries/sectors/indicators.  In general it is a specialised view of the global macro economy with Dawie’s individual opinion on certain situations as they happen.

Tax, Lies and Red Tape

Find out why: It’s wrong to blame Wall Street bankers for the global financial crisis; The rhino-horn trade should be legalised; Exempting anything from VAT is a bad idea, even for the poor; Job creation is a fruitless exercise; South Africa’s problem is not poverty.

Tax, Lies and Red Tape is an insightful, easy-to-understand, very opinionated book about economics by one of South Africa’s most experienced and controversial economists. Dawie Roodt argues that economics is not about numbers, graphs and statistics; it is about people, and about how they react to incentives. Unfortunately, our politicians seem to have forgotten this.

Using simple concepts and thought-provoking anecdotes, the book explains how ‘the market’ evolved with humanity, what was wrong with communism, what the global financial crisis is really about, the ways in which the state spends your money (and the ways in which it actually should), how tax is collected, how money and inflation really work, the ins and outs of trade, and the ups and downs of labour.

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