Dean Furman

Renowned Thought Leader and keynote speaker

  • Dean is one of Africa’s top futurists, and thought leaders on the subjects of innovation, business growth and emerging technologies.
  • He is a popular keynote speaker and MC, offering engaging and powerful talks on a variety of subjects. His relaxed style, sense of humor and ability to tell powerful stories makes Dean a winning choice for any conference.
  • He is the CEO of a consulting and training company called 1064 Degrees. Through his sagely advice and guidance, Dean has helped multiple of the continent’s largest companies to innovate and grow their businesses.
  • Dean has also created educational experiences that have been experienced by thousands of people inside organizations from a wide range of industries.


  • He is the author of Exponential Potential. In this book, he takes readers through almost every element of growing a company and innovating in this fast-changing world.

Prior to founding 1064 Degrees:

  • Dean headed up a Digital innovation skunkworks called Innoruption Holdings funded by the Alexander Forbes group. He created a new division for the group, as well as a number of new solutions. He was recognized by the Mail & Guardian as one of South Africa’s top people under 35 for his efforts.
  • In his early career, Dean head up product development and innovation for Alexander Forbes


  • Dean is a qualified actuary, although he no longer works as on. He is not your typical actuary, he showed his flair for creativity and innovation right at the start of his career – twice winning Discovery’s annual award for top innovation from any actuary in the group.

Other than running 1064 Degrees, and sharing his powerful keynotes, Dean is also a Rabbi, who has a mission to add light to the life of others.