Dr. Avron Urison


Dr. Avron Urison is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and strategic health, wellness and habit change consultant with over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.

He is the co-founder of AllLife, the first life insurance company globally to provide life insurance to individuals living the HIV.

In addition he has built and managed wellness and chronic disease programmes both in corporates and in the primary healthcare setting and run wellness divisions for large corporates with over 4000 staff members.

More recently, he has consulted with and managed corporate Covid committees and vaccination sites helping them navigate through the uncertainty and complexity of this Covid pandemic.

With many years’ experience in business and corporate talks, Avron has now  developed a new and exciting corporate presentation entitled: Coming out of Covid – recalibrating our health and wellness compass.

It is a one hour audio-visual presentation which covers what actually happened to our health and wellness during the Covid pandemic, what our new health and wellness goals should be coming out of the pandemic (or any life stress event) and how can we change our habits to achieve these goals.

This presentation, will make an impact on your life as Dr. Avron Urison explores simple and achievable goals with an action plan. Quite simply, what you can do coming out of this pandemic to change your health and wellness compass!

Dr. Avron Urison will unpack topics like weight, immunity, health screening and wellness, mental health, nutrition, exercise, sleep and medication and how these can be optimised to make simple but meaningful changes to your lifestyle in a sustainable way, thereby improving your health and wellness in the days, months and years to come.

How you embrace the future is in your hands and is your decision. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Join Avron for an interactive and meaningful hour as he explores and unpacks this topic.

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