Dr Darren Green


Dr Darren Green is highly acclaimed as a Multimedia Medical authority and positive influencer in the Health and wellness space.

He does this with unrivalled energy, making use of the Corporate applications of neuroscience displaying the crucial interface of neuroscience and the power it wields in innovation and performance on multifaceted levels.

Dr Darren Green credibility on media platforms is supported with current skills and expertise in clinical medicine. He is an Alumnus of the University of Stellenbosch, where he completed both his undergraduate degree in Medicine and 4 years of postgraduate training in Neurology.

He was previously a lecturer in Clinical Neurology at the University of Stellenbosch, Faculty of Health Sciences. In addition, he was previously engaged as a faculty member and senior lecturer for the Neuro-Leadership Programme presented by the US Business School – the primary focus was directed at the ‘Neuroscience of Corporate CHANGE’.

Furthermore, he excelled as a senior lecturer in sport and exercise physiology for the ETA(Exercise Teachers Academy) for over 5 years at the Sports Science Institutes of both Newlands and Stellenbosch.  Darren successfully initiated and consulted at balanced lifestyle centre for 2 years, aimed predominantly at preventative medicine.

Currently Dr Darren Green consults on the Executive Corporate applications of Neuroscience and speaks on pertinent Health matters linked to Behavioral Economics.

In addition, he is actively still a practicing physician and maintains his clinical acumen by working in the fields of high performance sport, emergency medicine as well as integrative health. He operates on all Media platforms as a Lifestyle Wellness Consultant and is an advocate for preventative medicine.

His approach to well-being and winning health involves inspiring holistic health through balanced lifestyle.

Dr Green’s engagement as a speaker, is best described as disruptive, provocative and charismatic.

Dr Darren Green is a riveting and a grounded interactive facilitator who commands authority whilst inspiring change. His unique personal experience and life struggles add flavor to his story and enable him to connect with all walks of life.

His personality is energizing, positively charged. Dr Darren Green engages with various socio-economic groups on actual health and social matters and relates to both English and Afrikaans audiences with great ease.

His corporate wellness programs and innovative change sessions are refreshing and challenging. His latest talk: “Turning Turmoil into tenacity” is sure to bring loads of positivity to the workplace. Previous and well known topics include “Change through innovation – What is stopping you?” .

Dr Darren Green – Wellness has earned the respect he now enjoys on the various media platforms of television, radio and print media. He certainly challenges mediocrity and uses his vast experience and professional speaking skills to enlighten both the professional and greater public with his creative flair.

Darren shares a wealth of knowledge from his clinical experience in both the private and public health sector and explains medical concepts with contagious passion and energy.

His contribution as a National Columnist, where he answers and relates to health promotion and preventative health, is far reaching – ranging from the elite high performance athletes to those who lack resources and need motivation in lifestyle modification.

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