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Dr. Justin Cohen is a bestselling author and global speaker and is one of the world’s leading experts in human transformation.

He is a bestselling author and global speaker, who has hosted multiple, personal development television shows. Dr. J is a speaker hall of fame inductee and holds a doctorate in human transformation from Middlesex University, London.

Justin has spoken, trained and coached tens of thousands of people in over forty countries, providing them with powerful tools and insights to achieve lasting breakthroughs in their lives and businesses.

Dr. Justin Cohen hosted a CNBC Africa television talk show where he interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on success. Along with Harvard Professor, Matt Killingsworth, Dr. J was the positive psychology expert on the global, Joy takes you further, happiness campaign.

Each program will be customized to meeting your objectives. With cutting edge research, humour, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools, Dr. Justin Cohen will inspire and equip your people to unleash their potential.

Dr. Justin Cohen has written multiple bestsellers. His internationally acclaimed, signature program, is the Breakthrough Training. He has shared the stage with many luminaries including Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, John Maxwell and Richard Branson.


In addition to being an international speaker and author, Justin regularly emcees events. Dr. Justin Cohen thoroughly researches your organization and objectives.

As an experienced television talk show host, where applicable, Dr. Justin Cohen will interview key people so that they don’t need to do presentations.

At award ceremonies Justin frequently interviews the winners to find out their success strategies.

As the author of “The Astonishing Power of Story”, if relevant, Dr. Justin Cohen will tell powerful stories about each of the winners, giving the audience an opportunity to find out how they achieved what they did and ultimately model their success.

This turns the event into an opportunity for inspiration and learning.

Dr. Justin Cohen brings his extensive experience as a motivational speaker, interspersing the presentations with entertaining and inspiring snippets of insight.


They forget the facts long before they forget the stories. You won’t just learn how to create stories that sell, you’ll discover the power of metaphors, slogans, humour and persuasive language patterns. You’ll learn to create an opening that grabs them from the start, and a closing that makes you unforgettable. Finally, find out how to close the deal on Q&A.

Pitch to Win can be delivered as a keynote presentation, training program or pitch specific coaching.

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