Dr Rutendo


Dr Rutendo is the CEO and Founder of Tribe Africa Advisory (TAA). Tribe Africa Advisory is a boutique business development advisory firm that works with private and public organisations in building a capability of doing business successfully on the African content. It primarily focusses on equipping mid to senior leaders in organisations in building their leadership strategy. Dr Rutendo draws from his seasoned experience of being an executive that led strategic business development company initiatives in Africa in over 20 countries over 20 years. His previous executive positions include working for Sage Plc, Deloitte, Alchemy by Deloitte School of Leadership and the YNV Group. Dr Rutendo is also a Non-executive Director for the British Chamber of Commerce in Southern Africa, Past-Chairman of the Digital Forum and Vice-Chairman of the Trade and Investment Forum for the American Chamber of Commerce of South Africa amongst. Dr Rutendo has authored and published 2 books mainstream namely ‘Rumble in the Jungle Reloaded – Navigating Business on the African Continent’ and ‘Reflections of a Son of the Soil – A Collection of 55 African Proverbs’. Dr Rutendo is also a regular contributor on the Talk Radio 702/Cape Talk show interviewed by Bruce Whitfield on the Africa Business Report segment.


The focus of this talk is on equipping and motivating a business on how to win and/or lead business successfully in Africa. Applying a tried and tested framework TITOrd this keynote draws from the iconic fight between George Foreman and Muhammed – Rumble in the Jungle. The key components of this talk are.

T – Understand your territory

I – Be Innovative

TO– Navigate through Threats and Opportunities

rd– Have a Relentless Drive and Determination

Team Dynamics are a critical component of any successful organisation. However, a team is as only as strong as its weakest link. This Keynote takes the audience through understanding and motivating the individuals through the dynamics of Self Leadership right through to Group Leadership. Framed on the diverse learnings of the Hyena which has some unique traits that talks to these areas.

Peter Drucker a renowned strategy consultant once said, ‘culture will eat strategy for breakfast’. In this talk I use the unique African utensil – the Calabash -and its unique traits in applying cultural dynamics and learnings to the organisation operating in the African environment but at the same time drawing from global best practice.

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