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Dreams of Fire they have been supplying quality professional entertainment for more than 10 years. Team Dragon Fire has captivated vast audiences with dazzling and diverse Fire Shows with interactive Fire Dancing, Fire Eating and Synched Choreography.

Delivering consistent Professional Service and international standard Entertainment, Adrian and his crew has Vast Knowledge, Technical Skill & Experience working with Fire and Safety, with their team leaders certified Fire marshals.

They have more Show Production Experience than any other fire company in SA

Freestyle: means no pre-rehearsal or structure to the performance. The performers arrive on site 30min prior to the performance time requested and do a 30min to 1 hr free style performance.

If the performance time is to be split this is to be arranged in advance. They prefer to work to music and can supply music but not sound systems. Strictly no Focal point applications can be applied when booking this style.

Focal Point: (incl Choreography and Stage Shows) means pre-planned, structured and rehearsed.

Focal Point entertainment is most suited to a stage but can be done on most surfaces and can be from 2min up to 60min performance, depending on the client requirements. (Focal Point Fire Shows are between 15 and 18min).

A minimum of 2 performers are required for Choreographed pieces but solo acts can also be booked.

Focal Point prices include 1 full dress rehearsal on site on the day for technical sound and lighting, cut & editing music, make up and their own costumes, unless client has a theme they want Dreams of Fire to fit in with, in which case costume making or hiring costs will be for the client’s account.

The price excludes additional rehearsals.

All performers through Dreams of Fire mentioned are subject to availability.

Fire Dancers, Fire Eaters, Fire Breathers, Jugglers, Drummers, Stilt walkers, Mimes, Snake Performers, Tumblers and Circus Acts.

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