Fred Bohasu

Fred Bohasu – Motivational is an Energetic, FUN and Inspirational Conference Speaker and Facilitator, Fred leads your organization through the most powerful principles and strategies to achieve the organization’s goals. And more – to achieve greatness!

Staff members live with a new purpose, a new determination to explore their own unique abilities, talents and skills and discover their own criteria of success and work as a team and improve the service to clients. Armed with over 10 years experience working with organizations from over 7 countries.

Why should you book Fred

Your job is to find a great Speaker and Facilitator for your event who will provide that ‘defining moment’ or that ‘Ah-Ha’ Moment! To your audience(s) right?

Well, look no further, because Fred Bohasu – Motivational has mastered the art of speaking in every setting, every venue, to every type of youth or adults. He doesn’t disappoint the organizer, he makes sure that he leaves the audience being inspired, impacted and excited. He makes you ‘the organizer’ be important after the event.

  • He can tailor make a program to suit your desired outcomes
  • No stage is too small nor too big for  Fred
  • He has a great humor (a real  gentleman)
  • He is also an energizer. Now an again, your audience will be up and fired up
  • Always has a great respect for his audience (integrity and humbleness)
  • Armed with over 10 years’ experience in Speaking and Facilitation.

Business peak performance
High Performance Teams
Winning Culture

Inspiration / Motivation
Make Way Out of No Way Attitude of a Champion

Attitude of a Great Leader
Lead for Change

Corporate events Workshops Schools
Government functions Church functions Prisons
Career expo
Parent & Community programs Conference & Summits Camps
Other special events

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