Grant Gavin


Like you, property expert and highly respected Durban entrepreneur Grant Gavin wants to leave his mark on the world!

Today, Grant has grown to be an influential and respected leader in the largest residential real estate group in South Africa! He is also a phenomenal business coach and sought after public speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, sales and personal development.

Grant’s purpose is to inspire those around him to reach higher levels of success. He does this by consistently practicing his principles of servant leadership, giving back to his community, always investing in personal development, and ensuring that the success of his company is dependent on his ability to influence and motivate the success of others.

Using his personal experiences in business and coaching over the past 10-15 years, as well as a few “made for TV” real-life experiences, Grant Gavin will surprise you with his relaxed, down-to-earth, yet entirely believable speaking style! He delivers his lessons on sales, entrepreneurship and personal development that have resulted in him achieving the highest levels of success in his own industry.

Things you should know about Grant Gavin

  • Having bought a controlling share in a successful family-owned business at the age of 27, Grant has gone on to build a Billion Rand residential property sales business in the competitive North Durban real estate market, in the process tripling the size of the business, and winning prestigious national awards along the way for his outstanding results, and his unique leadership style.
  • In 2015 Grant founded the Durban Entrepreneurs Club with the vision to create a platform for small business owners in Durban to connect and network with like-minded individuals. Grant’s vision was for entrepreneurs to be inspired by shared successes and to learn from common failures, and in doing so, grow their businesses to their full potential.
  • In 2018 Grant Gavin successfully launched DEC Multiply, a group coaching program for small business entrepreneurs, that combines peer-to-peer learning and experience sharing with the power of group accountability. Grant now extends his group coaching to sales teams in various industries, coaches, business owners, salespeople, employees and students on a one-on-one basis.
  • In 2017 Grant launched his own Millioneers Coaching program in his office to increase productivity for sales people and launch them to a higher level of success. Within 2 years he has increased the number of Millionaire earners in his office by 275% and in 2020 RE/MAX of Southern Africa introduced Grant’s Millioneers training to all RE/MAX agents in South Africa. Grant Gavin has also spoken on the RE/MAX International stage on his Millioneers keynote presentation to raving feedback.

International Speaker

Grant Gavin captivates audiences around the globe with his engaging, authentic speaking style. Using the power of story, and real-life experience, Grant will inspire your team to new heights.

With his simple, easy-to-implement tips, Grant will help you to breakthrough limiting beliefs so that you and your team can increase sales and boost your bottom line. He is an avid believer in the power of personal development and growth as a being the catalyst for success!

His personal journey from a 27-year-old business owner with zero sales experience, and zero confidence in his own ability as a leader in a sales environment, to a global speaker and business coach for salespeople and entrepreneurs, is testament to his belief of the power of personal growth!

Topics Covered

  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Coaching

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