Ivy Sutton | Christian Motivational Speaker

Ivy Sutton – Motivational Speaker and her husband Alan live in Pretoria. They’ve been married since 1981 and they have three amazing children, Nolene, AJ and Elaine.

Ivy’s passion to inspire and encourage women has resulted in thousands of marriages and lives being enriched. She is known for her challenging and humorous style of addressing real-life issues such as building friendships, enhancing marriages and developing character.

She is mom to her daughters husbands Casper, Danny and she is grandmother to Hope, Ronaldo and Caley.

They have been in ministry since 1982 and Ivy oversees the Women’s Ministry ‘Cherish’ at her church. She has also written articles for the Afrikaans magazine, Sarie.
Ivy has addressed women throughout South Africa and internationally.

Ivy Sutton – Motivational Speaker believes that God has deposited seeds of the highest quality within you that have the potential to build a flourishing life beyond your greatest dreams.
The foundation of Ivy Sutton’s teachings and principles are biblically based.

She has been invited to speak at women’s conferences, camps, breakfasts, and special occasions such as the Mrs. South Africa pageant, Vodacom Women’s Day, Avroy Shlain, Rotary International Congress and various other corporate events.
Ivy was also been nominated for the Speaker of the Year Award for 2007.
She is currently busy with marriage seminars and retreats.

Ivy Sutton addresses these issues:

Marriage – It’s a Powerhouse!
Secrets of Success
Personal Development
Grooming the Next Generation
Spiritual Inspiration


Living in a real world makes its demands on every woman – homemaker, career woman, wife & lover, super mom – sometimes all the roles you are expected to fulfil can get to be too much. Stress is synonymous with life, and can so often force its way into your home and marriage.

But the good news is – enjoying life and living responsibly are not mutually exclusive. In fact, one of the keys to enjoying life is seeing yourself as successful in every facet of life – integrating your challenges in life. Your marriage can be the powerhouse that motivates you to succeed in every other area of achievement.

Building a solid marriage, making the most of the man in your life – discovering what makes him tick, what ticks him off, and what makes the two of you click – is the starting block for building a long, successful relationship. An awesome marriage can turn you into the awesome woman you were destined to be. 

Ivy Sutton takes you behind the bedroom door in a motivational and humorous presentation on discovering and enjoying the man in your life – enjoying his personality, enjoying his passions, enjoying his body.

Colouring your world means you have to expand your horizons. Stretch out of your comfort zone. God wants to use you to be a part of His surprise. Discover how to become all your Father has designed you to be!

Now and then you will have to check you’re ID. God gave me a job that compares to none other, esteemed and chosen by Him. You are busy grooming the next generation for success. There is no place to resign.

Success is attaining total peace and fulfilment in every aspect of your life. Commit to excellence, operate with a servant’s heart, pay the cost and know what season you are in.

Know your limits than ignore them. God created us intentionally and with a purpose. Your soul will be inspired, your spirit lifted and your heart encouraged to press on with purpose in your life.

God’s dream about your life is big. Our ability to change the way we think about God and ourselves will shape the future we have.

You are not a product of your past. You are not a product of your environment. You are a walking warehouse of incredible seeds!! You were designed to be a reflection of the Most High God.

Accept yourself and start celebrating. He looks at us and with His fingers against His lips, He shouts out “Bellisima”. You are beautiful. By being yourself you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.

Discover what gives marriage a delicious, lasting flavor. Put more fun into your relationship.

Ivy Sutton is a leading Women’s Day Speaker and sought after motivational Speaker

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