Jabu Zwane


Jabu has overcome tough conditions growing up in trauma and impoverished and in the Free State. He has been homeless for 4 months and was stuck in USA for 8 months during COVID Lockdown amongst many tough struggles he overcame. He uses his deep pain to transforming lives through mindset development and deep love for people.

Jabu is the vice-president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa and founder of Mindset Development Institute (MDI). MDI builds critical mindsets to help people and organizations to succeed in Leadership, Effective Communication, Emotional Resilience, High Performance and Diversity and Cultural Fluency. His book, Starting Over with Courage, is to be published in May 2024.

Jabu has travelled to o12 countries, worked with over 50 companies including BMW, Accenture, Sanlam, FNB, Heineken, BIC, TUT, Bidvest McCarthy, Motus, Standard Bank. He is a Monday Motivation segment (over 40 segments) host on DSTV’s INX Prime TV, and a regular contributor on radio, TV and online publications.

He believes that deep love and care for people is the endless source of wisdom on how to help them transform, even as he transforms in the process.


There are 7 invisible Cs that can cultivate optimise your success. What costs people their gains from their hard work and stops them from reaching their peak, is often what they don’t see. This talk helps people to get unstuck, unleash their underutilised potential and reach optimal peaks
of being to succeed by revealing the 7 Invisible Cs. Jabu Zwane offers a fresh mindset development perspective on how to be your own catalyst of high-performance and guaranteed success. The talk is suited for cultivated high levels of self-accountability, overcoming hardship and growing for success.

The world is rapidly evolving in many dimensions, the ability to adjust, adapt, and conquer has never been more crucial. "Adjust, Adapt, and Conquer" is a transformative keynote designed to empower its audience with the skills necessary to thrive amidst change. Through a deep dive into Mindset Developments, this presentation offers a roadmap for navigating the uncertainties of the modern world. It equips individuals with the tools to overcome obstacles, face fears, and break free from limiting mindsets that hinder growth. Developing practical strategies for
resilience, flexibility, and innovation, enables them to leverage challenges as opportunities and pave the way for personal and professional success.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, professionals, executives, and leaders are constantly faced with unprecedented challenges and pressures. “Build an Upward Mindset” is a transformative keynote designed not only to navigate these challenges but also to transcend them, fostering a culture of resilience, innovation, and collective success. This keynote is structured around five pivotal steps: Wake Up, Rise Up, Armour Up, Keep Up, and Team Up. Each step is a building block towards cultivating an upward mindset, essential for personal and professional growth.

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