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Over the past 5 years, Jo Rust has given a number of motivational talks on her incredible journey at a whole array of different functions ranging from talks at schools to being opening speaker at international conferences and multiple corporate functions. These talks are aimed at uplifting, inspiring and motivating any audience.

First woman in history to have ridden around the entire African continent on a motorcycle. Solo!

Modern day adventurer, explorer, author and speaker.

In 2011 she cycled from Cape Town to just beyond a town called N’Zeto in northern Angola before having to return home as a result of an armed robbery.

Jolandie, affectionately known as Jo by most of her friends and followers, then started over on a motorcycle and recently became the first woman in history to have circumnavigated the entire African continent, solo.

No back-up vehicles. No support team! Just Jo on her trusty 2007 BMW F650GS Dakar – together they traveled over 45 000 kilometers through 28 countries over a period of 18 months.

Jo now shares her story with people all over the world, motivating and inspiring others to overcome their own fears and live their biggest dreams!

Adventurer, speaker and mentor, Jolandie intends on pushing the envelope and leading by example.

Apart from adventuring and off road motorcycle riding, Jolandie’s other passions include music (she plays guitar and sings), traveling, reading, cooking, adventure sports, spending time outdoors and hiking.

Jo is currently training for her next challenge, which is to try and be the first female to qualify for the team that will be representing South Africa at the BMW GS Trophy taking place in 2016.

Available soon“Around Africa: Woman Alone”, is an account on Jozi born and bred South African, Jolandie Rust’s solo journey around the African continent on her motorcycle.Jolandie rode her way into the record books, spending eighteen months riding through twenty-eight countries, covering a total distance of approximately forty-five thousand kilometers to become the first woman in history to have circumnavigated the entire African continent on a motorcycle, solo.Sponsored by the Angolan government after having her bicycle stolen in northern Angola, then starting over from Cape L’Agulhas on a motorcycle, besides the fact that she’d never ridden a motorcycle before.

A story of amazing courage and determination that started from humble beginnings and a trying upbringing. Jolandie overcame her troubled past to achieve something remarkable, and in so doing, has becoming a respected figure in the world of adventure travel and a shining example as to what the human spirit is capable of.

Jo Rust story will take you on a journey of overcoming criticism, enduring the climatic and human elements on her journey around the continent, dodging bullets through Northern Africa during the Arab spring, having foreign governments support a journey that ultimately unites people from around the entire continent, regardless of race, sex and religious or political decree.

An adventure that will inspire the world.

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