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Juanita Vorster is a successful entrepreneur who also holds the designations of Certified Director (SA) and certified Ethics Officer. Because of this she is uniquely positioned to give practical guidance on how to do better business better in a world that keeps changing.

Juanita Vorster high energy delivery style combined with examples drawing from her own experience always lead to business audiences feeling inspired with renewed hope.

She is ideal as an opening keynote speaker at conferences and client events, or as a masterclass/workshop facilitator.

The ideal audience for Juanita Vorster topics are business owners and leaders (executives, directors, heads of department etc) who need to regain focus and propel their organisation forward towards sustainable profitable growth.

Staying in the Helicopter® – the key to sustainable profitable growth

WIN! How to succeed in the new game of business from Juanita Vorster

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Business owners and leaders (executives, directors, heads of department etc) that need to regain focus, hone strategy, and propel their organisation towards winning in the new game of business with Juanita Vorster.

In fast-changing times we must become more than creative to keep business going. Business leaders must strike the fine balance between keeping existing customers happy while also reacting to changes in the environment around them.

Being forced to change the way we’ve always done things is business is never easy, but it’s always worth it.

When we look at our businesses differently we have to start at the basics.
Have a look at the skills, expertise, equipment and inventory you already have.
You might have used it in one way up to now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in other ways or for different things!

Some luxury perfume companies have recently turned their production lines to making hand sanitiser, car manufacturers started to make ventilators, and clothing companies started producing face masks. They had the equipment, they just had to figure out what the new customer needs are and how they could use what they already had to serve that need.

They all asked themselves two things: what will people, companies and governments spend money on right now, and how can we use what we already have to make or offer those things.

Imagining how to use things in a different way takes creativity, and it’s hard to be creative when you’re under pressure, so it’s important that you don’t go through this innovation journey alone.

That’s when you call on people outside of your regular circles. Have a chat or a Zoom session and ask people for ideas. Explain to them in very simplistic terms what your skills or equipment can do. The lack of details and their lack of experience doing what you do can make for very interesting ideas! Think about how children draw things or how they play imagination games … they don’t let reality get in their way.

And at this stage of your thinking differently about things that’s exactly what you’re after … just ideas, whether they make sense or not.

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