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Llewellyn Devereaux, also known as “Master Lui,” is a Visionary, Global Business Speaker, Hip Hop DJ and a best-selling author. With a firm background in Economics, he has become the go to expert on current/future industry analysis and geopolitical trends that affect macroeconomic conditions for business and governments.  His objective with his talks is to always invigorate, educate and inspire planting seeds of growth wherever he goes. He is on a mission to create prosperity in Africa. 

He is the founder and CEO of The Genie Group and he consults for multiple companies across different industries in areas of innovation & strategy helping companies and governments with fresh & exciting ideas for growth while helping with implementation.   

After completing his studies at Wits University having done Economics, he had an idea in 2012 to invent the world’s first premium anti-hangover shooter – Lohocla (alcohol backward), a product to help alleviate the symptoms of a hangover so that responsible people could still function after nights out. This product became available nationwide and soon to be exported to Europe and the USA.   As a result of the product’s success, he was named one of the top 40 under 40 Entrepreneurs in Africa by African Independent Magazine in 2018 and has been featured on multiple radio and TV interviews. He is now the founder of Craft Club Africa, Llewellyn Devereaux Seminars, Fashion X Africa, he is a Brand South Africa ambassador, a mentor at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation & the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Africa Trade Chain to help with the South African implementation of the AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Agreement) as seeing Africa thrive is a burning passion of his.


We as human beings are conditioned to think and operate defensively and as result of this yes it will be difficult for anyone to score goals against you but you cannot win any games that way. This talk helps audiences switch to an offensive role in their lives and positions which was also the main theme of Llewellyn’s first book.

Another theme of Llewellyn’s first book, and these talks focus on how people can understand that fear, limiting beliefs are all perspectives that have been programmed that can be altered. Once a human being can understand the basis of why they think the way they think, they can bypass it therefore making them better human beings overall.

Whether it be budget speeches or other economic trends, Llewellyn is often invited to share his view on matters as he keeps his finger on the pulse to what is going on in the world.

From Education, to Retail to Tourism, Llewellyn has been able to do research in order to help decision makers and business leaders make decisions based on Economic trends from a different perspective with some predictions.

Innovation is a key part to humanity and every industry is not immune to changes that can shift the playing ground thereby giving some companies an advantage and others a disadvantage. Using the concept of creative destruction, Llewellyn is always able to give decision Makers key insights to their industry in order to anticipate radical shifts that could affect them negatively or positively.

From concept, to funding to market, Llewellyn, who was named top 40 under 40 entrepreneurs in Africa, is able to dig deep into his experiences to dazzle audiences regarding the truth of the journey.

Llewllyn has a very big heart for the continent and these topics are centered around how geopolitical shifts affect African markets. One cannot look at a market without putting it into the globalization context.

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