Lorne Sulcas


Lorne Sulcas is unorthodox. Definitely not your average motivational speaker.

Lorne Sulcas has spoken on the world’s biggest stages. He appears on CNN. His clients include organizational giants on five continents, from NASA to Hershey’s, Tesco to Rolls Royce.

Since 1996, Top International Motivational Keynote Speaker Lorne Sulcas has been ‘WOW’ing’ and transforming top teams and organizations around the world with his unique Thriving in a Wild World™ presentations: time-tested success secrets from the most successful survivors on the planet – Africa’s Big Cats.

His keynotes are one-of-a-kind. Unforgettable. Not anything your audience has seen before. Nor anything they’ll ever see again.

And tailored to your bespoke context.

Your audience will get million year-old secrets of organisational and personal success:

    • How to sustain growth, high performance and exceptional results

    • How to thrive in the face of change and crisis

    • Teamwork that yields results no-one else achieves

    • Game-changing leadership, innovation, and vision

    • ‘Hunting new business’ – even amidst chaos and uncertainty!

    • How to get and maintain competitive advantage

Because Lorne has the street cred.

After many years as a sought-after Leadership Trainer and Management Consultant, Lorne Sulcas went from the corporate jungle to the real jungle.

Everyone thought he was crazy.

For nearly a decade, Lorne was a game ranger, tracking and photographing Africa’s Big Cats on a daily basis.

Today,  Lorne Sulcas – The Big Cat Guy travels the world sharing potent life and organizational lessons from these super-predators that have been thriving for millennia in the face of change and competition.

His message moves people to act. His captivating stories and award-winning photos will pierce your audiences’ hearts.

They will laugh. And his inspiration will stay with them forever.

He is an extraordinary expert; renowned professional; a ‘cat’-alyst; trusted Motivational and Conference Keynote Speaker to CEO’s and Event Planners. Around the planet.

Lorne is an expert in what it takes to survive, thrive and win, if you are looking for a:

    • Motivational Speaker

    • Business Speaker

    • Conference Keynote Speaker

    • Change Speaker

    • Sales Speaker

    • Leadership Speaker

    • Teamwork Speaker

    • Sports Motivational Speaker

    • Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch Speaker

    • or Leadership and Teambuilding Trainer

Because there’s no excuse for mediocre.

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Most Popular Keynotes

Having an opening or closing Keynote Speaker who ‘bombs’ is probably an event planner’s absolute worst nightmare. You’re looking for a high-energy, high content speaker who will set the critical tone in opening your conference or leave your audience excited and ready to grow after closing it.  Your speaker’s message has to inspire. It has to be relevant. It has to stick.  You cannot afford to have a speaker who is forgotten straight after walking off the stage.

Audiences don’t forget Lorne Sulcas – The Big Cat Guy.  Or his message.  Lorne tailors his content to your context. His is not a speech.  It’s an experience.

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