Mark Dio


Founder of Mark Dio & Associates, Mark Dio is an expert at building teams to support leaders who need high performing collectives! This is his magic and key differentiator, as well as the inspiration behind Mark Dio & Associates! From non-profit organisations and software developers to clinical psychologists, Mark is mindful to surround himself with associates who care as much about teams as they do about the continent of Africa. An advocate for shared-value, this is how Mark does business.

His work benefits communities of other people, his local and international clients contribute to so much more when they work with him and his team. Mark is mindful about contributing to the growth of the South African economy by consciously contributing to results he wants to see in his country.

He is a Team Building Expert, MC and voice over artists with over 15yrs of experience building teams in a variety of industries around the world. He is a South African connector and a builder of teams for today, tomorrow – together for you!

Mark provides music and entertainment for all occasions. Award evenings, product launches, sporting events, office Christmas parties, special promotions and conferences is what Mark specialises in. Voice-overs, in store promotions and high-profile corporate function all form part of his work.

He is Sun International’s DJ of choice for all their sporting events. To date he has performed for so many clients, it would be impossible list them all

In It To Win It
Based on the well known TV programme. The contestants using ordinary household items, have to complete a variety of challenges in under sixty seconds. The video blueprint is shown and the teams choose which member has the necessary skills to do the challenge. The Countdown Clock begins and you have only 60 seconds! Does your team have what it takes?

Amazing Chase
Venue-based or making use of vehicles. This team build recreates exactly the look and feel of the world famous TV show. The delegates will have to work together to plan and implement their teams activities as they progress in the race. Communication is a key factor in succeeding and completing the Amazing Race.

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