Mixo Rikhotso

Mixo Rikhotso also known as “the preacher” is the founder of Powered by Purpose, a movement that seeks to help you discover your God-given purpose. Mixo is a 28-year-old woman, from Njhakanjhaka village in Bungeni Limpopo Province, South Africa. She is a Civil engineering Technician by profession.  She obtained her National Diploma at the Vaal University of Technology. She is a certified MHI speaker and coach, a transformational speaker and a preacher of the gospel.

Mixo is a sort after speaker who is functional anywhere in the world. She speaks in conferences, revivals, seminars, workshops, gala dinners, weddings, book launches, talk shows and many more.

Topics: Personal growth, Career Development, Coaching, Communication, Focused Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Stress, Team-building, Gift industrialization, Relationships, unearthing Identity and Purpose.

Mixo Rikhotso is an inspiration to many young people and she has proven that if you follow your passion, life will be exciting. She is living proof that the books you read will determine the bookings you get as a speaker. She encourages others to give attention to their purposes and people will pay attention to them.

You have to discover your purpose early and pursue it with all your might. Your purpose sees further than your current condition, you are not your past but you are your purpose. Push your way to purpose. If you haven’t discovered your purpose yet, do so urgently.

When talking about working women and women in leadership, Mixo Rikhotso is one of those young women contributing to making sure that young people are well equipped in our country, South Africa. The impact of work is life-changing.

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