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Murray Smith is a vibrant, energetic speaker who inspires and motivates his audience.  He uses experiences from both the sporting and business arenas, and is able to take his audience on a journey, sharing simple, yet powerful learnings that can be applied to their own lives and businesses.

Murray is an adventurous open ocean paddler, surf lifesaver, international competitor and surfer, with a passion for the ocean and all that it represents. Murray is also a microlight aircraft pilot who has had some amazing experiences, from ocean to air, having learnt that you can never take the basics for granted.

“Having pushed the boundaries within my chosen sports and adventure activities, having enjoyed nature at its best and been quickly put in my place, never did I imagine that on an early morning surf session I would suffer a double neck break.

Given the nickname “Dead Man Walking,” I was told that I am lucky to have escaped paralysis and would never paddle my surf ski in the ocean or ride a surf board again.

I survived that fall!”

Murrays remarkable recovery and the message behind how he did it will inspire and motivate you to beat any odds. A great message for any business team.

After all, it’s not what happens to us, rather how we deal with what happens to us that counts.  

On the business front, Murray Smith sees himself as a sales professional with a passion to make good things happen for other people. So much of what we think and understand about selling is based on a crumbling foundation of assumptions. After all, even with the improvements of technology, selling is a human activity and in some way we are all in sales, even if we don’t know it.

He has accumulated over 35 years within multinational sales organizations, from pharmaceutical, health and fitness, FMCG and hospitality and airline supply businesses and having fulfilled various roles in key accounts, negotiations, having developed and led sales teams and businesses at a senior leadership level, Murray believes that the secret to teamwork, is first building a team that works.

Murray Smith is an accredited facilitator and program writer and presenter who also established a learning and development business, focused on training sales folk and leaders of sales teams and is well placed to engage with your sales, business or leadership teams.

Murray customizes and adapts his presentation to engage and captivate his varied audiences and they can be delivered live in person, or via a chosen virtual media option.

Key Note talks:

  • Inspiration / Motivation:

Surviving the Fall: Inspirational / motivational/ Resilience. Lessons learnt in overcoming a double neck break. Having severely broken my neck due to a surfing accident, together with the message that my sporting passion and love for the ocean would never be the same, I will share with you some basics that allowed me to overcome and beat the odds. An inspirational story that will help the listener in their choices as to how to ensure a better and more productive journey of life.

Everything Matters – The butterfly effect.

  • Sales:

Its only human. Talk less, say more. The importance of asking great questions and   the power of 1 extra.

  • Leadership:

The Peaceful Warrior

  • Customer service:

The Empty Chair. The invisible but essential person – your customer.

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