Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu


Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu is the author of personal development book “Reimagining Myself – A journey of personal transformation and entrepreneurial thinking” and of art coffee table book ”The Path to Great Joy – A collaborative journey through the art and life of visual artist Njabulo Greatjoy Ndlovu”

His passion for people development is expressed though his workshops, speaking engagements, coaching and seminars where he equips young people, business owners/entrepreneurs and organisations with key tools and strategies they need to deliver long-term personal and professional results.

Through his books, speaking events, personal and entrepreneurial development workshops, Ntsikelelo has extended his product and service offering to corporate institutions, small to medium business owners, public institutions, government departments and non-profit organisations.

Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu is also the host of Conversations over Coffee and Art and CoCaPodcast – a dialogue platform fuelled by the love and appreciation for art; its capacity for impactful social commentary; and the desire to drive change through conversation – over coffee. As a coffee lover and a writer of an art coffee table book, he felt it would appropriate to bring these elements together, so that we may do what we normally do over coffee meetings and hang-outs, but on a bigger scale and with a common purpose.

Keynote Synopsis

“Self Actualization, Personal Transformation and Entrepreneurial Thinking are the keys to not only solving our personal challenges but also as a catalyst for personal and collective greatness.”

We live in a world that is in constant need of new solutions and evolving ways of seeing and tackling challenges. The rate of change coupled with ever increasing challenges on all spheres of life can be wearisome to most people.

By engaging in personal transformation and actualizing continuously as better versions of ourselves, we can shift from being mostly responsive to change to taking charge and influencing the direction of the change. This Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu keynote is founded on the transformational work from the speaker’s masterclass and book “Reimagining Myself – A Journey of Personal Transformation and Entrepreneurial Thinking” with foreword by Dr. Mamphela Ramphele

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