Ntsiki Mkhize


Ntsiki Mkhize is the Founder of MentHer , Founding Editor of MentHer Magazine, and the self-published author of My Hall of Mentors. A certified Five Lens Practitioner and Resilience Up Facilitator, with a Masters in Social Innovation, she is an avid international speaker, facilitator and MC. Ntsiki gave a keynote, master class and short course as part of Hybricon 2022, she spoke at TEDx Cumbernauld Women, Scotland in 2019 and was featured as the youngest speaker at the International Speakers Summit 2019 and the Epic Entrepreneur Conference 2020.
Ntsiki is currently a contributor on SAFM on the self-development segment on The Full Circle. Her TV career started as a guest host on ETV’s Sisterhood, news anchor on ANN7 and later host of Career Connect on Business Day TV. She presents MentHer Moments on HighNoon live on LinkedIn and is the host of PowHer Africa. Ntsiki was crowned Miss South Africa 2nd Princess 2015 and featured on the Avance Media Most Influential Young South Africans 2022.

Ntsiki serves as a Director for the School of Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Planning Institute and is an advisor on the Academic Advisory Board for the School of Management, IT and Governance in the College of Law and Management Studies at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

An advocate for the advancement of women through business and mentorship. She has a private mentorship group called Tribe of 12, where she takes on 12 ladies every year to be part of a free mentorship programme. When she’s not on stage, facilitating or coaching, Ntsiki grows garlic and herbs and tends to a growing apiary on her farm in the Midvaal.


As organisations move to adapt their strategy to ESG, there’s a tendency to focus on environment and governance, and miss the opportunities for innovation in social. Ntsiki helps corporates innovate, think differently and adapt their learnings for greater social impact.

Mentworking is one of the most effective ways to support graduates and women in leadership to advance and build successful careers.
This talk helps people understand how to map growth through mentoworking and gets corporates to think differently around how they effectively structure support.

As we think about how to effectively execute on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, the answer often sits with those in organisations with millennials forming a bridge across various DEIB considerations. This talk explores how millennials as the new age of leaders and managers can help drive DEIB in the workplace.

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