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Pieter Geldenhuys is used extensively as a futurist and strategist on the global stage by some of the world’s top business schools, including the illustrious London Business School.  He assists numerous organisations in leveraging their innovation potential by providing them with the skills and insights to be pro-active agents in creating the future.

He assists companies in ExploringHarnessing and Navigating the Future.

Exploring …

As a public speaker, he has more than 1 000 radio and more than 1 500 public appearances under his belt and has spoken to audiences in more than 25 countries. He is also the Author of the controversial new book entitled, HEADLINES FROM THE FUTURE, where he explores News Headlines that will define our future.  

Harnessing …

Pieter Geldenhuys is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation (ITSI). Over the past two decades, he and his team have guided more than 4 000 students and more than 120 innovation projects within the largest technology companies in India, the Middle East and Africa.

Pieter Geldenhuys was the previous Technology strategy advisor to the CEO of Vodacom, and Vice-Chair of the Innovation Focus Group at the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, Switzerland. He is also a nominated member of the South African Academy of Science and Arts, and Vice Chairman of the ATKV.

Navigating …

Pieter Geldenhuys is a renowned Futurist, Academic and Innovation expert. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering, an MBA specialising in Technology Strategy. He is adjunct faculty at North-West University, and regular guest lecturer at the London Business School. 

Pieter Geldenhuys believes the only way to effectively predict the future is to create it.

How do you navigate your organisation’s journey in an increasing volatile and unpredictable world? This Pieter Geldenhuys presentation focuses on the lessons we can learn from Nature in managing innovation, market research and organisational change. To be more effective in the world of innovation, we need to learn from the patterns evident in nature.


The 25 words are the bedrock of a competing management science, founded in Complex Adaptive Systems rather than in Linear Physics. The world of Complex Adaptive Systems has been at the centre of research in fields as diverse as Mathematics, Physics, Anthropology, Biology and Sociology for the better part of the last five decades.


As the world is becoming increasingly complex, Management theory is starting to encompass these philosophical foundations. Each of these words are explained in graphical detail and is then matched to astonishing real world examples that exemplify excellence in Innovation Management.


12 Lessons from the CyberWar Frontier


The world continues to reel from one cyber attack to the other – and the threat is growing larger by the day. Phishing, worms, attack bots and malware attack computer systems worldwide on a continual basis. This is a reality that makes science fiction look boring.


The 12 Lessons from the CyberWar Frontier presentation takes you on an enlightening journey, highlighting the ingenuity and audacity of both the Cyber Hackers, and the Cyber Sentinels that protect the status quo. The presentation unearths recent events that are truly stranger than fiction.


Have your username and password been sold to the highest bidder?


Pieter Geldenhuys presentation also highlights the threats that are to come, as the Internet of Things (IOT) reality looms larger.


Want to see if your security cameras have been breached?


Finally, the presentation provides the participant with 12 critical lessons that will reduce their corporate and personal Cyber threat significantly. The presentation balances valuable life lessons with a fascinating narrative of the forces of good and evil that battle it out in the Cybersphere a daily basis. It is a presentation that you cannot afford to miss.


Pieter Geldenhuys presentation will also highlight a number of case studies and provide practical advice on how an organisation can leverage the tools that are commonly available. The presentation will finally showcase the Digital Transformation journey that would allow a company to leverage the AI revolution to its fullest extent.

If your organisation is burning to know how they can use AI to their advantage, you cannot afford to miss the Intelligence 2.0 presentation from Pieter Geldenhuys.

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