Prime Circle


These boys are flying the South African flag high! No matter which radio station you tune into – you hear Prime Circle . Their two debut singles “Hello” and “Let me go” have been rocking the airwaves and topping the charts at # 1 on several radio stations across South Africa – 5fm where they stayed in the High 5 @ 5 charts – in the top 10 – for 21 weeks as well as reaching # 1 on the Top 40, RSfm, CBFM, CATS Radio and MFM.

“Hello” and “Let Me Go” also charted in the Top 10 on 94.7 Highveld Stereo, on Radio Algoa, RAU radio and RMR.

“Hello” and “Let Me Go” is currently playlisted on several other radio stations – TUKS fm, Radio Lesotho, Radio 2000 and East Coast Radio.

Fantastic support from all campus, community, regional and national stations for this awesome SA band.

Prime Circle have appeared on local compilations – “The Right Stuff” and 5fm’s “Playlisted 2”. Great to see South African bands back to back on tracklistings with big international acts AND they are also on the new 94.7 Highveld Stereo album “Homebru” – dedicated to great homegrown South African talent.

Prime Circle’s debut album “Hello Crazy World” has already sold over 10 000 copies and continues to be popular in CD Stores around the country!

Prime Circle was formed in December 2001 in the small town of Witbank and have melded themselves into a “prime circle” of entertainment – they co-write all their material! Ross (vocals) the primary songwriter will take an idea to the band and together they all give their input and hits are born.

The collective musical experience of the members of Prime Circle is phenomenal! Gerhard (drummer) has played alongside bands like Squeal, Sons of Trout and Sugardrive.

Marco (bass) and Dirk (lead guitar) have played at many festivals and gigs around the country over the last 12 years.

Prime Circle has also been nominated for “The Top 30 Most Played songs of 2003” and found themselves in two spots in the top 20.

This exciting band recently toured the country with the Live (Birds of Pray) South African Tour. Since the Live Tour, Prime Circle has also been on two South African Tours of their own with a warm welcome in every single town and city that they played in.

DIRK BOSHOFF : Lead guitarist and co songwriter

Dirk has been playing for the past 15 years and has gained various experience within the South African music scene. Dirk has also supported bands such as Squeal and was a member of Jessims Trick.

MARCO GOMES : Bass player and co songwriter.

Marco has been involved in the South African music scene for the past 13-years, as well as performing with numerous bands in Portugal. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

He too was a member of Jessims Trick and has supported various South African artists.

GERHARD VENTER : Drummer, backing vocalist as well as co songwriter

Gerhard has been playing for the past 14 years and has numerous experiences in other bands.

Gerhard has several years of experience performing in the South African music industry, supporting bands such as Squeal, Sons of Trout, Sugardrive and was a member of Jessims Trick.

ROSS LEARMONTH : Main Vocalist and Rhythm Guitar

Ross is also the main songwriter in the band and has been playing and writing music for the past 5 years. Ross has been in several other bands before joining Prime Circle

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