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Rusty Labuschagne is a professional speaker on overcoming adversity and one is immediately struck by his sincerity and humility as he delivers a dramatic account of his transformational experience. Rusty has been through a trauma few have experienced. In 2003, the successful Zimbabwean businessman, who ran a safari outfit, flew his own aircraft, and had a fishing resort on Lake Kariba, was framed by a poacher, the police, and the courts, and wrongfully convicted of drowning a poacher.

He talks and writes about being subjected to conditions most people would find unbearable, having to draw on his inner resources and strengths to endure the unimaginable. In the process, Rusty Labuschagne developed not only a life-saving resilience but also empathy and a keen desire to help his fellow inmates. His faith in God, positive mental attitude, leadership qualities, and lessons in forgiveness, gratitude, and humility bring a personal, transformative, and authentic message of hope and freedom.

In Rusty Labuschagne book and to audiences, Rusty’s message is that everyone is faced with challenges, but it is who you are and the depth of your determination that will get you through life’s darkest moments. He shows how one can harness one’s inner strength and let go of what one cannot control. His talks have a broad audience appeal, from leadership lessons for CEOs and managers to inspiration and staff members’ motivation. They will all feel an impact.


Against police evidence, without a body and on presumptions, Rusty was convicted of drowning a fish poacher during Mugabe’s rule. Rusty Labuschagne served 10 years in Zimbabwe’s prisons, including the notorious Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, where he suffered through the Zim dollar crash, with food shortages, no running water, and people dying around him daily.

Rusty Labuschagne speaks eloquently about being subjected to conditions most people would find unendurable, having to dig deep within himself to find solutions to an unbearable situation. His resilience, ability to face adversity, and pure grit are an unparalleled inspiration.


Despite the hell I had gone through, physically and mentally, the worst part was knowing that my beloved children were growing up without me. We have always been extremely close. It is a bond I will cherish and protect to my dying day.


Rusty Labuschagne has written a best-seller autobiography to put the injustice on record and help others going through tough times, especially after this Covid pandemic.

On 2 March 2019, Rusty Labuschagne married the love of his life, who helps me with my speaking career, and we are working on taking my story to a different level worldwide.

If you are looking for a truly inspiring story about resilience, adversity, empathy, family values, leadership, the power of forgiveness, the importance and value of gratitude, and what a positive mental attitude can do for you, book Rusty Labuschagne keynotes, intervention sessions, team building activities, and life coaching courses.



    • Resilience Learned: Bounce back with experience and grit. You have it in you!

    • Inspiring Others: Are you making a difference? Find your purpose.

    • Unanswered Prayers: Being prepared for where you are going.


Intervention Sessions: 

15 minutes on how to forgive and let go of that which no longer serves you.

15 minutes on the healthiest of all human emotions – gratitude.

15 minutes on mapping a new vision of freedom.

Team Building:

5 different team-building activities, usually at a game lodge getaway.

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