Ryan Hogarth

Ryan Hogarth has established himself as a sought after global keynote speaker on Business Change & Digital Transformation. With the experience of several hundred conferences he has also built a formidable reputation as an MC, Facilitator and stage interviewer.

As a Keynote presenter, he has been researching, writing and talking about the ever shifting nature of business relationships and business models which are constantly impacted by social media, technology, mobile and the Internet. He has worked for both large and small corporates helping them to understand the new world of business lead by customer and employee technology. He is also the author of the Amazon bestseller “How to Win Influence and Friend People: The New Business Manifesto for Generation X” and hosted over 150 radio interviews and podcasts on a local station MixFM and the global podcast platform cliffcentral.com.

He regularly writes for business and consumer magazines on this same topic and how change has come to specific industries.

His keynote presentations can be tailored to cover a range of business areas including Disruption, Innovation, Motivation, Sales, Organisational Culture, Leadership.

Keynotes include:

  • We’re not Robots: How humans are evolving with exponential technology
  • Decoding Digital: Bridging People & Technology
  • How to Win Influence and Friend People: The Social Business Manifesto for Generation X
  • The Challenge of Change: 20:20 Vision
  • The Road Ahead

Ryan’s skills in presenting makes for an impactful, memorable and engaging presentation. He presents his lively and dynamic keynotes in an informative, inspiring and entertaining manner. Ryan presents with great authority and purpose.

 I tell the story of Digital Transformation: What it is, how to get there, how it is affecting your business and industry. I’d love to bring the story to you and help get you well on the road to Digital Transformation.

Life in the 21st century has been characterised by transformation from the way we communicate to our ability mold and shape technology to our lives. Most businesses in most industries have difficulty keeping up with this transformation as many still view the world and the way they work in it like it is still the 20th century.

Digitization is changing the dynamics in almost every industry. New markets are proliferating, value changes are breaking up and profit pools are shifting. This is a wake-up call for business but also an opportunity to reinvent business with a fresh focus on the customer, a fresh focus on our teams and how they engage & collaborate.

Having now worked at several hundred conferences around the world I consider myself a content specialist and wherever possible I work directly with clients to help craft their content in a way that will build a better conference. This may be advising on the agenda to make it more effective, to being an MC or Facilitator to doing filmed interviews with key speakers to create post conference material.

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