Simon Dingle


Simon Dingle is an author, broadcaster, designer, and entrepreneur. He served as product lead on the launch teams of 22seven, Luno, and Curve developing new operating systems for open networks and money, and used to host the popular Tech 5 show on 5FM. He also served on the Digital Advisory Board of Old Mutual and was part of establishing AlphaCode for Rand Merchant Investment Holdings. More recently he founded Inves Capital to leverage open technologies in bolstering financial inclusion and economic liberty. Outside of his career, Simon is a gamer, casual runner, and terrible surfer. His books In Math We Trust and Beyond Bitcoin have been best-sellers in global markets, including South Africa.

The rate of progress has picked up exponentially and changes to the way we work and live will be blinding over the next 10 years with the rise of AI, spatial computing, and breakthroughs in physics and medicine. What hasn’t changed is the pattern of progress and how new innovation is adopted and dissipates through cycles. We will use an understanding of these processes as a lens through which to view disruption with actionable insights for building resilience so that we not only survive but thrive in the face of change.


ChatGPT is poised to redefine the retail landscape. Learn how AI-driven virtual shopping assistants can personalize interactions, provide real-time recommendations, and seamlessly blend online and offline shopping experiences. Uncover the potential for enhanced customer engagement, operational efficiency, and the creation of intelligent shopping hubs within malls. This presentation promises insights into the transformative power of ChatGPT in shaping the future of retail and how it will impact the retail Industry.

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