Simphiwe Mdlalose | Motivational Media Speaker

Simphiwe Mdlalose is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Inspirational Speaker and a Media Strategist who has been in the media, marketing and communications space for over 21 years. Currently, he is the Executive Chairman of Mdlalose Holdings, a black owned investment company with investments in media, mining, petroleum, printing, communications, and people development.

Simphiwe has written and published 6 inspirational books. He also runs modular based sessions on Personal Branding, Inspirational Leadership and Media Training. He is a seasoned speaker, MC, Facilitator and Coach. Simphiwe has served on boards of various companies over the years which has given him leadership insights that he uses in many of his engagement.

A winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from BBQ Awards, he is indeed an all-rounder when it comes to dealing with leadership and management issues.

Simphiwe’s focus over the years has been helping people to operate at their optimum. He believes that we were all created for a purpose and only those who have had the pleasure of discovering their purpose are truly living. He has been on radio since 2007 and he currently contributes and helps individuals live their best lives today.

Simphiwe Mdlalose speaks straight-from-the-heart, he is passionate, and self-driven. Over the years he has motivated audiences to discover their purpose and live goal-driven lives that are not limited by their fears.


Simphiwe speaks with authority on:

  • Inspirational leadership
    • 7 principles of an inspirational leader
    • How to develop the traits of an inspirational leader
  • Personal Branding
    • How to build a personal brand
    • Developing a personal brand building plan
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Simphiwe shares his journey as an entrepreneur
    • He shares his successes and challenges
    • He also shares what he believes are traits of an entrepreneur
  • Media in South Africa
    • Simphiwe shares insights on the state of the media in SA
    • He looks at all different types of media and how they can be used to help individuals and companies build their brands
  • He also tailor-makes presentations based on the needs of a client
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