Siphiwe Moyo


Siphiwe Moyo is an International Professional Motivational Speaker based in South Africa.

He researches and speaks on employee engagement, employee morale, and employee motivation and on strategies aimed at nipping the entitlement culture in the bud.

Siphiwe is also an Adjunct Faculty member at a few business schools in South Africa teaching Organisational Behaviour. Siphiwe holds a Master’s in Business Administration; an Executive Development Programme, a B Comm. (Honours) in People Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources. He is the Chairman of the Board at the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP), the Past Chapter President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) and a member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF).

Siphiwe offers the following:

Strategy Facilitation

This is the art of guiding groups in a process to do Strategic Planning. As strategy facilitators, we bring together the best tools, processes and methodologies available for strategy planning.

Siphiwe Moyo Strategy Workshops are widely used for strategy development, and they can be incredibly effective. Because we facilitate many of them, we know how to get the best results.

Process Facilitation

Great facilitators can get you to where you want to be without a great deal of difficulty, exploring different avenues along the way but ultimately ending up at the correct destination. Unfortunately, there aren’t a great number of them out there, but Siphiwe is one of the few.

Learning Facilitation

At certain levels in your organization internal learning facilitators become ineffective, not because they lack the skills but because you just need an independent, highly skilled and experienced professional to deal with senior people.

Whether it is your internal leadership/management programs or one built externally for you – we can facilitate learning at the middle to senior management level effectively.

Siphiwe Moyo facilitates a number of programs for a few business schools in South Africa.

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

In order to ensure a successful delivery of your event you need a Master of Ceremonies (MC) but not just any, instead someone that is unique, exciting, interactive, informed and most of all a Siphiwe Moyo with a good sense of humour to keep the audience alive.

Professional Speaking   Siphiwe Moyo will customize a talk specifically for your audience.

They need inspiration and hope. They need to hear from someone who’s been there and who can move them to action.   This is NOT another financial education talk or workshop; it is about inspiration. It is about showing people it is possible.

In his own provocative, direct and extremely funny way, Siphiwe is able to tell people things that no financial education expert can and people still love him for it.

Why is an employee engagement, employee morale and employee motivation speaker interested in financial well-being? Well, can you think of anything that would impact those more than financial stress?


Siphiwe Moyo dives into the importance of cultivating radical ownership and accountability while adopting a zero-blame mindset. Drawing from personal experiences and professional expertise, Siphiwe empowers individuals and organisations to overcome challenges by taking responsibility, fostering a culture of accountability, and eliminating the destructive habit of blame. This engaging and thought-provoking talk provides practical strategies for embracing radical ownership and transforming blame into growth opportunities.

Siphiwe Moyo explores the transformative power of active hope, pragmatic optimism, and relentless resilience in navigating life’s challenges.
With a wealth of personal experiences and practical insights, Siphiwe empowers individuals to embrace adversity as an opportunity for growth, bounce forward from setbacks, and cultivate a mindset of unwavering resilience. This engaging and motivational talk provides
practical strategies for fostering active hope, nurturing optimism, and building the resilience needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Siphiwe Moyo delves into the secrets to a fulfilling and joyful life. Drawing on scientific research and practical insights, Siphiwe empowers individuals to cultivate happiness and well- being by understanding the factors contributing to long-term satisfaction. This engaging and informative talk provides evidence-based strategies and actionable steps to enhance happiness and well-being.

Siphiwe Moyo explores the art of navigating and embracing change within organisations. Whether you are a leader or a team member, Siphiwe provides practical strategies and actionable insights to help individuals cope with and even thrive amidst organisational transitions. This engaging talk equips individuals with the tools to effectively navigate change, inspire others, and drive positive transformation within their organizations by fostering adaptability, agility, and a curious mindset.

Siphiwe Moyo empowers professionals, often at the launch of leadership programs, internships, graduate programs, and work readiness initiatives, to take ownership of their careers and cultivate proactive career behaviours. Drawing on his book, “Stagnation Must Fall”; Siphiwe provides practical
strategies and a powerful mindset shift that sets individuals up for success as they
embark on their professional journeys. This transformative talk equips young professionals with the tools and mindset to navigate their careers with confidence, purpose, and a drive for continuous growth.

Siphiwe Moyo challenges the traditional notion that performance and productivity must be sacrificed to pursue a people-centered approach. Drawing from positive organisational behaviour, Siphiwe demonstrates how leaders can create a thriving work environment that enhances employee
well-being and engagement and drives high performance and productivity. By focusing on the power of positive leadership practices, this transformative talk equips leaders with the tools and mindset needed to foster a culture of positivity, collaboration, and success.

Siphiwe Moyo guides teams and organisations on a transformative journey to unlock their full potential. Using THRIVE as an acronym, Siphiwe shares powerful strategies to create a culture of teamwork that propels individuals and the entire organisation towards success. This feel-good talk empowers teams to build strong connections, foster trust, celebrate each other’s successes, and cultivate an overall positive and thriving work environment.

Siphiwe Moyo inspires teams and organisations to rise above the challenges of a brutal and noisy environment. With a blend of hard-hitting realism and humour, Siphiwe empowers individuals to maintain focus and determination despite external headwinds such as the economy, electricity problems, and a noisy political climate. By shifting the focus to what can be controlled, this talk ignites a spirit of resilience and resourcefulness, equipping teams to overcome obstacles and achieve success in any environment. Ideal for conferences, this talk will leave attendees motivated, energised, and ready to forge ahead with unwavering focus.

Siphiwe Moyo addresses the critical issue of perceived psychological contract breaches, lack of perceived lack of organisational support, and their impact on team member morale, disengagement, and turnover intentions. Drawing from the field of organisational behaviour, Siphiwe provides senior
leaders with practical strategies to overcome these challenges and unleash the full potential of their teams through psychological empowerment. By creating an environment that fosters trust, autonomy, and meaningful work, leaders can inspire team members to overcome silent protestation, re-engage, and deliver exceptional performance. This talk is a must-attend for senior leaders seeking to optimise team performance and retain top talent.

Siphiwe Moyo delves into the complex issue of psychological entitlement in the workplace and explores strategies to balance self-worth and entitlement. By understanding the underlying causes and consequences of entitlement, leaders and organisations can proactively address this behaviour and foster a healthier work environment. Drawing on real-life examples and research, Siphiwe provides practical techniques for promoting self-assurance while mitigating entitlement, ultimately creating a culture of collaboration, accountability, and success. This talk is essential for team members, leaders and HR professionals seeking to cultivate a positive and productive workplace by navigating the fine line between self-worth and entitlement.

Siphiwe Moyo delves into the delicate dance between psychological safety and individual accountability in teams. Drawing from his
extensive experience in helping teams thrive, Siphiwe addresses the age-old question of what comes first: psychological safety or accountability. By exploring the interplay between these two crucial elements, he provides leaders and team members with practical strategies to create a culture that embraces both trust and radical accountability. Through real-life examples and insights, Siphiwe navigates the challenging terrain of building psychological safety while fostering a sense of ownership and self-accountability. This talk is a must-attend for those seeking to strike the right balance and unleash the full potential of their teams.

Siphiwe Moyo dives into leading oneself to achieve exceptional results. Drawing from his extensive experience as a leadership expert, Siphiwe explores the power of personal effort and self-leadership in driving success. By delving into practical strategies and mindset shifts, he guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, enabling them to tap into their inner potential and achieve remarkable outcomes. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or an aspiring professional, this talk will inspire you to take charge of your success and lead from within.

Siphiwe Moyo explores the transformative impact of fostering genuine positivity in both personal and professional spheres. Going beyond surface-level positivity or the harmful trend of toxic positivity, Siphiwe delves into the essence of authentic joy and its profound effects on overall well-being and success. Through practical strategies and insights, he guides individuals on a journey towards embracing positivity genuinely and sustainably. Discover how to cultivate a positive mindset, foster resilience, and create an environment that nurtures true happiness and success.

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