Siyethemba Seakamela | Motivational Speaker | Johannesburg

Siyethemba Seakamela is a sought-after Speaker, Life Coach and Entrepreneur. Her authentic, personality coupled with soul-stirring commentary makes her a favourite for leaders, associations, organizations and companies, big and small.

Siyethemba’s love towards women has fuelled her with passion to unite, inspire and empower women. She believes that a woman who knows her identity, purpose and destiny lives a life that is set apart, carries herself worthy of her calling and plays her important role in the family, society and world.

Through her own experiences Siyethemba has come to understand the natural power that women carry and in turn wants to enrich other women with tools, knowledge and insight of how to channel that power correctly. Her experiences and expertise ensure high-energy, thought provoking conversations and high-results.

Siyethemba Seakamela

Siyethemba Seakamela

Having stepped into a career industry that doesn’t complement her personality, passion, creativity and heart. She constantly found herself unfulfilled, depressed and crying in between lunch breaks. Sunday evenings were the worst, as they would come with so much anxiety, she would constantly wonder why she was here on earth, and what does she have to offer. The despair went so deep that Siyethemba questioned her existence, would anyone miss her presence here on earth? Yet deep down there was a sense of hope of there being more for me to offer.

The journey of becoming unstuck meant that Siyethemba would need to transform the way she thinks, the things she believed about herself as well as the outlook she had on life. The transformation of her life saw her start her own business, pursue her passion and take the plunge of braving the mic and public speaking. It is here that Siyethemba refused to live a mediocre life. She chose to pursue her passion, dreams and purpose.

Siyethemba’s Most Sought After Speaking Topics

In her highly inspirational and impactful talks Siyethemba Seakamela – Empowerment reveals her 7 pillars that led her to her purpose.

  •  Identity precedes purpose.
  •  Confidence is worn from the inside out!
  •  Success has a price, are you willing to pay?

Identity | Purpose | Destiny

She believes that every single human being is born with greatness hidden inside of them. With a purpose, a call, that reason for breathing!

Ours is to search for, discover and uncover that purpose in order for all that lies locked up within us to be exposed and consumed. Once equipped with the right transformational tools, guidance and insight she believes everyone has the potential to live out a rich fulfilled life.

Allow Siyethemba to help unlock all the hidden treasure inside you.

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