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Taryn Little is the founder and owner of THE WORLD NEEDS YOU enterprise, which focuses on empowering women through holistic counselling and the written and spoken word.

The World Needs You is an ethos that was birthed from Taryn’s own journey of discovering that she was born for a very specific purpose and that it was her responsibility to release her unique purpose into the world, for the advancement of the world.

Since this discovery she has been relentless in her mission to share an Inspirational Message with women entitled The World Needs You!Why was I born? What is my purpose in the world? 

If you have ever pondered these questions or find yourself in a career that does not bring you fulfilment, then this message is for YOU. Not just a “talking head”, Taryn presents her message to WOMEN through dramatic rhetoric, song, dance and a personal reflection, revealing why THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!

The World Needs You is an ethos that was birthed from Taryn’s own journey of discovering that she was born for a very specific purpose and that it was her responsibility to release her unique purpose into the world, for the advancement of self, others and the world. It has therefore become her life’s work to empower others to reach their fullest potential.

Who am I? , is a question Taryn asked herself over eleven years ago. In desperate pursuit of her identity and how her identity was related to her purpose in this world, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery until she found the answers that resonated true for her.  It is this body of experiential learning that so excited her, she felt responsibly compelled to share what she had learned with the world.

And so an inspirational message entitled Who am I was birthed. The message draws its insights from autobiographically inspired content. It is a human story told in a very personal and vulnerable manner, where the audience is taken on an introspective journey which invites them to reflect on whether they are living their most authentic, purpose-filled lives

The message is presented through diverse genres of academia, dance, dramatic monologue, song, personal reflection and the written word, which makes it applicable to a diverse audience. The message is universally relatable.

Topics Covered

  • Acknowledges that every human being has been created for UNIQUE PURPOSE
  • How our life stories shape our IDENTITY
  • Making sense of our lives – Connecting the “DOTS”
  • Overcoming factors (physical and emotional) that threaten to debilitate our ability to reach our fullest POTENTIAL
  • Learn how to discern life’s CLUES which direct us towards individual PURPOSE
  • Maintaining PERSEVERANCE against all odds

Who Am I Workshop Series

The workshop series is based on the Who Am I inspirational message, and is designed to provide participants with the tools to live their most authentic, purpose –filled life. It is a three part series, occurring consecutively over three months. Each workshop allows participants to delve deeper into their own story, begin personal healing and take action steps towards living lives that are not merely “ok”, but instead says “Yes” to human flourishing (Seligman, 2010).

The workshops are optional. Clients may book Taryn for the Inspirational message, without the workshop series BUT not vice versa.

Workshop 1My Story – Exploring the narrative of your life and how it has shaped your identity.

Workshop 2: My Healing – Identifying those parts of your narrative that keep you from living your most authentic, purpose-filled life.

Workshop 3: My Action – Acting upon that which will move you closer to human flourishing.

Message Reviews

  • “The message was “real” and I appreciate your vulnerability” (Denise York)
  • “A good dose of reality presented on an intelligent and sensitive platform” (Kay Adriaanse)
  • “Being in your talk was a wonderful experience. Parts of it where hard, but necessary” (Tamlynn Hughes)
  • “Your monologue, singing and dancing were exceptionally entertaining and inspiring” (Kayla Williams)

Education & Present Work Experience

Taryn Little-Inspirational Speaker received her Bachelor of Theology: in Community Leadership: Psychology and Bachelor of Arts (Honors): Psychology, at Cornerstone Institute, which equips its students with head, heart and hands knowledge teaching them to Learn to Change the World. 

She plans to embark on her Masters in Nutritional Psychology. Presently she lectures both online and campus students in Cornerstones Psychology department, runs The World Needs You counselling practice for women and presents her inspirational speaking message and workshops to schools, corporates, universities, religious institutions and non- profit organizations.

She is also a freelance writer who publishes emotive and thought provoking articles in various South African magazine publications.

She has no intention of stopping now and has her sights set on a radio or television show which showcases The World Needs You ethos, and is presently completing her autobiographically inspired book entitled “My Perfectly Imperfect Journey”.

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