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Tiffany Markman is a multi-award-winning copywriter, speaker and trainer. She is best known for the enthusiasm and engagement she generates during her energetic and practical talks – and clients book her repeatedly, because audiences love learning from her. Tiffany was the ‘Most Effective Copywriter in Southern Africa’ in 2022, one of the ‘Top 50 Female Content Marketers in the World’ in 2021 and South Africa’s ‘Freelance Copywriter of the Year’ in 2020. A global expert in writing and messaging, digital marketing and social media, content strategy and creative ideation, she has written for 450+ brands in 15 countries, trained 9,750 professionals in person and addressed 24,800 individuals online. Tiffany has a prolific social media footprint and is a regular contributor to digital media, broadcast media, podcasts and panels. She is proud to offer value-adding access to a vast body of knowledge (including cheat-sheets, how-tos, checklists, templates and videos).

A Women’s Month talk by Tiffany Markman

“Impostor Syndrome” is the name society often gives to our fraudy feelings – whether we’re at work, outside the school or in our communities. As women, we tend to doubt our own abilities, especially if we’re highly competent.

And we’re not alone. Over 70% of women claim paralysing feelings of inadequacy, including Lupita Nyong’o, Natalie Portman, Maya Angelou, Charlize Theron and Michelle Obama. (How’s that for a list of impressive women?)

What’s the solution? Tiffany Markman has 10 tips. None of them is pink. And this Women’s Month, you might need them. Book this practical, funny, honest 1-hour talk and start a conversation with the potential to improve your life.


When it comes to social media, you don’t have a choice. Everyone you want to talk to – and everyone you want to sell to – is there, in some way or another. Learn how to spend the least amount of time and effort on social media, while deriving the most benefits. (5 tips)

Ideal for: future-of-work events, business owners, team leads, marketers, salespeople,
entrepreneurs, consultants

a. Also: Social Media for Accountants

Business emails. We write them every day. But for many, they’re a source of stress. What are the correct greetings and sign-offs? How do you start (not ‘I hope you are well’!)? What’s the right level of formality? What do modern readers expect – and what
will compel them to read and reply?

Learn to craft business emails you can be confident to send, because they express what you mean, provoke timely responses, suit the audience and environment, and cover all the best-practice basics.

Ideal for executive assistants, PAs, administrators, business owners, salespeople, future-of-work events, communication conferences

a. Also: Emailing for Accountants

If you want to be able to come up with clever content ideas, intelligent angles and compelling hooks that never seem to run dry, you need my Micro-Targeting Methodology for creative content ideation (3 practical pillars and 6 quick tricks)

Ideal for: marketers, communicators, creatives, salespeople, future-of-work events

In this intro to copywriting skills for real estate agents, you’ll learn the best practices of property ad copywriting – designed specifically for estate agents in rentals and sales. You’ll understand what it takes to craft headlines, analyse your audience, master optimal structure, format your text properly, edit your own writing and create compelling calls to action, as well as which red-flag phrases to avoid.

Ideal for: sales agents, rental agents, support staff, agency administrators, agency communicators, agency owners

Hey IFA. Let’s set you up to spend the least amount of effort on social media, while deriving the most benefits. This way, you’ll be able to generate leads, let people know you’re the best choice, convert prospects into clients, and retain business.

Ideal for: IFAs, brokers, consultants, finserv employees, finance events

You have a message to share or a brand, product or service to promote. You know digital marketing offers quicker, more widespread, more direct exposure than anything else. But what are the rules? What doesn’t work? Which best practices yield optimal results? And how do you stand out? This talk, designed for businesspeople, gives a solid foundation in digital marketing for a new world.

Ideal for business owners, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, consultants, communicators, salespeople, tech events, future-of-work events

Despite what the internet and life coaches would have you believe, you and I simply don’t have the same number of hours in the day as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey. Our available capacity just isn’t equal. So if, like me, you’re a real human being (and not a weird robot person who splits his day, including lunch-time, into 5 minute units to fit more in), I have some advice for you.

Ideal for: execs, managers, team leaders, performance/workplace culture events, future-of-work events, gender-related events, mental health events

In business, you can’t say whatever you feel like saying – unless you want to enter a wide world of drama. But there are moments, and if you’ve worked in customer service you’ll know this, when you want to hold your head in your hands, look down at the table and cry. When the customer isn’t hearing what you’re saying, wouldn’t understand it if they were hearing it and would probably argue anyway, you need to know how to write with diplomacy and tact, say no, give bad news and apologise.

Ideal for: managers, sales teams, customer service teams, complaints handlers, future-of-work events, sales conferences

The world has changed. To survive in it, we need to learn the lessons of the thriving gig economy and the secrets of the C-Suite – even if we’re employed. We need to find our niche, define and express our value, operate as pros, collaborate, self-determine and self-promote. This is how we stand out: by pushing the boundaries of traditionally defined ‘roles’ and being better prepared for an uncertain future. Think like it’s your own company so that, one day, it is.

Ideal for managers, team leaders, salespeople, performance/workplace culture events, future-of-work events, gender-related events

Exponential change and consistent inconsistency are perhaps the biggest trends in business and life, so you’ll be happy to hear there’s a sweet spot. It’s called “future-proofing” yourself and it relies on developing and mastering a mentality that can be agile and tolerate uncertainty. But how do you future-proof yourself to be better, stand out more, make more money, feel more fulfilled or generate more opportunities? Let’s find out.

2 versions: Manager version, team member version

Ideal for managers, team leaders, salespeople, performance/workplace culture events,
future-of-work events, gender-related events

Your skills and talents aren’t holding your small business back. It’s the little stuff. The worrying. The overthinking. The anxieties around money and negotiation. Perhaps it’s the fear of selling. Discomfort with self-promotion. The inability to build a pipeline of eager clients who happily pay what you charge. But, what if you understood how to negotiate, have tough conversations and manage clients optimally (yes, even in a recession)? Don’t miss this talk.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and consultants,
leadership/motivation events

Is anyone on LinkedIn even listening? YES! LinkedIn is easily the most “target-rich” social media platform for businesspeople. But too many professionals use it as a place to scroll mindlessly through other people’s posts, rather than a business development tool. It’s time to get in the game. Find out how to grow your network, enhance your brand, and position yourself as an expert.

Ideal for business owners, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, communicators, salespeople, tech events, future-of-work events.


a. LinkedIn for Lawyers
b. LinkedIn for Legal Marketers
c. LinkedIn for Accountants
d. LinkedIn for Corporate Marketers
e. LinkedIn for Internal Communicators

By the time I’m ready for my next haircut, generative AI will be exponentially more powerful than it is right now – which has many businesses and professionals in a panic. Are we, humans who generate content, about to be shown the door? I don’t think so. There’s “ENOUGH ROOM FOR EVERY-BOTTY”.

In this talk I unpack the whys, hows and where-to-from-heres and provide the must-knows of prompt engineering (writing effective text inputs for AI content generators).

The robots are coming, but we can all happily and lucratively co-exist. Ideal for business owners, thought leaders, entrepreneurs,

I was such an idiot when I was younger. When I got 10 hours of sleep a night, went to gym every day and saw hustle culture as admirable. When I believed I’d had my ‘quota’ of adversity, bereavement and loss. When I knew everything, had all the answers and was confident in my ability to control most outcomes. What.

An. Idiot.

Back then I used to say that 80% was still an A. That not giving 100% effort, all the time, was understandable for most people. Not me. But most people. And then… I grew up. And I began to realise that most of us don’t have our stuff together. We aren’t in control of very much. And the meaning of “enough” has changed.

Ideal for: execs, managers, team leaders, performance/workplace culture events, leadership & motivation events, future-of-work events, DE&I events, gender-related events, mental health events

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