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Travis Gale leverages three key ingredients in his presentations; story, insight and relevant questions which ensure practical application. He has set himself a personal challenge in that every talk that he does will introduce new language and terminology into the context within which he is speaking, ensuring sustainability and ongoing reflection on what he shares.

At the age of 18 Travis was inducted into the world of cause driven adventure when he and a friend, Stephen Bonaconsa, spent a year cycling 17,000km across four continents raising R1.7 million for vulnerable children. It was on this tour where Travis penned a vision for an organisation called Appletree.

Following his studies, Travis spent a year on the island of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand working as an underwater videographer.  It was here where he experienced the devastating 2004 tsunami, which catalysed a return to South Africa and a renewed fervour to work in the area of people development.  Upon return, Travis established Appletree alongside a group of consultants, developing himself since then as a speaker, facilitator, consultant and coach.

For the past 15 years, Travis Gale has walked the road of entrepreneurship, developing himself as a trusted partner in the human and organisational transformation space, serving clients nationally such as Mr Price Group, Unilever, RCL Foods, Derivco and Bidvest.

In 2018, Travis founded The Middle brand as part of The Appletree Group, which encourages and enables individuals and teams to believe in their ability to navigate tough terrain, and develop the endurance and grit required to finish well. He is the author of The Middle book which was published and released in July 2020.

He is a passionate endurance trail runner, has been married to his wife Toni for 11 years and is the father to two cute and energetic daughters, aged 7 & 3.

The Middle Keynote

Middle Intelligence: How to keep going through tough terrain.

The newness has work off. The euphoria has faded away. You come face-to-face with what you signed up for. And it’s not what you expected to see. You are now in The Middle.

Based on Travis Gale’s experience of cycling 17000km across four continents to raise R1.7mil for their cause, The Middle Intelligence keynote equips individuals and teams to develop the endurance required to navigate challenging environmental circumstances. Listeners will feel inspired to find joy in the journey, equipped with practical tools and language to maintain momentum and increased confidence in their ability to finish well.

Each Middle Intelligence keynote covers up to 3 of the 7 Middle Intelligence insights. Each insight includes vivid story and imagery from the cycle tour, practical applications for The Middle of all areas of life, personal and professional, as well sticky terms and relevant questions which ensure sustained reinforcement.

We can all pitch up at start lines. We can all celebrate a finish. But no finish is without a Middle and every Middle is where WHO WE ARE is revealed.

Topics Covered

Middle Intelligence: How to keep going through tough terrain.

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