Tshepo Mogale


Tshepo Mogale – Corporate Comedian started doing stand up comedy in 1999 in Cape Town. His first show was at a comedy competition at a venue called Hobnobs, where let’s just say he wasn’t welcome there anymore.

At about the same time that he started his comedy career was the same time that the Cape Comedy Collective was created, which was a collective of about 25 comics who some are very big around the country now.

So he performed all around Cape Town performing in classy and dingy venues with the home base being the Cape Comedy Club namely the Armchair Theatre in Observatory.

Tshepo Mogale then JOINED the CCC on a very successful Varsities tour in late 2000, which was a tour of all major universities in South Africa. The whole time as this was going on he was fully employed as a semi computer geek for an Internet company in Cape Town. While doing all of this he did television adverts for various brands including Smirnoff and also radio voice overs.

In 2000 Tshepo Mogale decided to MOVE to Joburg to broaden his comedy horizons and also to work in a financial services company. Tshepo Mogale immediately got onto the Joburg circuit and became a hit in the popular Joe Parker Comedy Express circuit. Performing in Joburg gave Tshepo Mogale a wider range of exposure, which resulted in him doing many stints on television doing stand up and various acting gigs, where Tshepo Mogale featured on the highly acclaimed Parker Comedy express dvd, which was released in 2001. All this was done while the brother was pushing a full time job.

Tshepo then started to more and more shows outside of Johannesburg in places like Durban, Bloemfontein, Vereeneging etc. which grew his exposure and popularity amongst the South African public. In 2002 Tshepo Mogale was invited to perform at the first all black comedy festival, the Smirnoff Comedy Blackout which featured some international acts from the U.S. While balancing his day job at a bank and doing stand up. Towards the end of 2002 Tshepo Mogale was again selected to perform at the biggest comedy event in South Africa the Laugh out Loud to an audience of more than 7000 people.

At this time Tshepo also partook in the Sprite Soul Comedy tour which took comedy to many South African small towns namely Kimberly, Bloemfontein, Pietersburg Nelspruit etc. This was also with a lot of CORPORATE EVENTS in between. Tshepo Mogale went to on to write some literature which got published in the popular Urban writers series. Tshepo Mogale then went on to open for Barry Hilton at some of his theatre shows and some of his CORPORATE EVENTS. Tshepo Mogale was invited to be one of the South African representative at the prestigious Smirnoff Comedy Festival which is the second biggest comedy event in the Southern hemisphere.

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