Voodoo Child


Voodoo Child – Conference Entertainers is a young dynamic energetic 5-piece band, which came together in 2004, consisting of SA’s most talented young musicians promises to deliver an eclectic array of sounds, as well as a thrilling show.

Alongside with their own compositions, Voodoo Child put a cutting edge on covers. Ranging from Classics such as: Radar Love, Roxanne and Living on a Prayer, with current hits, such as: This Love (Maroon 5), Are you gonna be my Girl (Jet).

Lebo (Vocals) – is an absolutely explosive entertainer with a voice not many can compare to. Stemming from Welkom, Lebo was an instant hit on the Barnyard theatre circuit performing for two years all over SA in productions such as Forever Young, Johnny Plays Guitar and 70s Revolution.

Has also performed in various corporate shows and recording sessions.

Al (keyboards) – Al studied music & sound engineering at the national school of the arts (NSA).

As a highly skilled pianist and vocalist Al performed in Dubai for one year he returned to SA to perform as Jerry Lewis in Richard Lorings “That’ll be the day” (Buddy Holly story) he is currently a lead actor on the popular E-tv series Backstage.

Brendon Gold (guitars) – Also studied music & sound engineering at NSA. Brendon produced and directed his first show Flashback, which staged at barnyard theatre in 2001. He later performed as the guitarist in Barnyards Forever Young.

After performing in Hilton Al Ain, he returned to SA and was cast as the 4th cricket in Richard Loring’s “That’ll be the day”.

Fuzz (bass guitar) – Fuzz is a highly skilled and creative bass player, self trained, he has played in many bands such as Voyeur and battle of the bands winners Born Itchy.

Fuzz truly brings a stage performance to life with his unique stage personality and driving bass lines making him an instant hit with audiences and an asset to musicians.

Travis (Drums) – Whilst studying music at the NSA Travis played in the popular original band Pyramid Tounge amongst free-lancing for the corporate drumming group 1st Project.

He later traveled to the UK where he was signed to the group Plastic Dream; he is also a popular drum teacher.

Watch this band people – they already have tons of airplay with their single “Plain Jane”. This band is going places in big way!

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