Zanele Njapha


Known to her awesome clients as ‘The UnLearning Lady’, Zanele Njapha is the world’s leading voice on using key unlearning principles to support the world’s best organisations build cultures where instead of annoyed and frustrated – people are EXCITED about change!

  • CEO at The UnLearners
  • Award-winning Business Woman
  • Forbes Contributor on navigating organisational change
  • Certified Neuro Coach for transformative leaders/bsuinesses
  • Chair of The UnLearning Children Foundation
  • Award-winning TEDx speaker
  • Faculty at Duke Corporate Education
  • Host of The UnLearners Po


Zanele not only exceeds client expectations when facilitating, but she expertly brings her youthful, fresh, and divergent energy to challenge long-standing dogmas that truly turn interventions into meaningful, trackable results for organisations!


Imagine what a sense of AGENCY from each & every team member could do for the business…

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, organisations thrive when their teams embrace change and be active drivers of positive transformation.

That’s where “The Change Agent” comes in—a transformative presentation designed to empower your teams to unlock their full potential, and actively take charge of getting the results we aim for!

By embracing a culture of accountability, agility, and collaboration, teams go from pointing fingers, to being active contributors who can rally behind company changes…

Leading to increased innovation output, team morale, and overall success toward your critical strategic objectives!

Building a culture where our people can easily ‘let go’ & ‘grab hold’…

The unprecedented rate of change has lead our people to be more exhausted and uninspired than they’ve ever been. Under these conditions, we are not only less innovative, but we cannot manage change effectively & fall short of producing our best work. True innovation, team cohesion and challenging the status quo only emerge when seeking & leveraging change is a culture that we embody both at a personal & at an individual level.

Nimble people and organisations understand that a culture of re-imagination (both personal & at work) is about consistently unlearning & relearning (letting go and grabbing hold). This means using our purpose as an anchor that supports us an individuals and our teams to LEAP through times of tricky organisational change.

L – Live vision: Relating the company’s future vision to my personal purpose and vision as an individual (finding the alignment that increases my commitment to what we stand for).
E – Easy & Edible Chunks: Creating timelines and breaking up our team and personal goals to build momentum and retain buy in.
A – Acknowledge, Appreciate & Announce: Using language to encourage transparency, growth & cohesion.
P – Participation: Leveraging social change by building a culture of changing ‘together’.

The world’s current rate of change demands that individuals and teams who wish to retain their relevance, completely re-imagine how they perceive and interpret their surroundings. True innovation only emerges when creativity becomes a way of life.

The strategies, habits, playbooks and even business models that served us in the past fall short of success in the current climate, so at this watershed moment, we are challenged to rewrite the script from what we know these to be. Nimble people and organisations understand that a culture of re-imagination is about consistently unlearning & relearning (letting go and grabbing hold)

Transitions Facilitator, Zanele Njapha, teaches a deliciously-simple 2 step process that will leave you rethinking everything you’ve ever known & have you never looking at anything the same way again!

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