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Johannesburg based Zweli Dube is a treasure trove of talent. He is an actor, presenter, voice over artist, performer and MC. Born and raised in Johannesburg, Dube studied Journalism and Media communication at Boston Media House. His studies were however short lived when an incredible opportunity presented itself for him to be part of the sensational hit Broadway Musical, ‘The Lion King’ at the age of 20.

The cast and production performed on two different continents namely Australia (2005-2007) & Asia (2013-2014). The assignment required acting, singing and dancing on stage, performing 7 shows a week, to fully booked audiences! Now available to book through Speakers Inc

Dube, who possesses an enormous amount of talent, realised that this was the beginning of greater things to come and was set to soar in the world of television, film, stage and music. After returning from Australia in 2007, with his rich trademark base/baritone voice, Dube now focussed on making his debut on radio & television.

In 2009 landing his first role in one of South Africa’s most watched television soapie, ‘Muvhango’ seen as Advocate ‘Pule’…..Zweli Dube shows off his ability to convincingly portray a character with multiple personalities. His character grew and allowed him to become a leading ladies man to South African audiences. This also allowed him to pursue other avenues particularly in the television sport arena, joining the SABC Sport late night team in 2008 as a news presenter.

His presenting career highlight would have to be the 2010 FIFA World Cup (studio announcer) and 2011 Africa Cup of Nations, where Zweli Dube energetic presenting skills enabled him to interact with fans from all over the African continent for the SABC television soccer viewers in and around fan parks in Johannesburg during the live games.

The power and versatility of Dube’s voice propelled him to even greater heights, spreading his wings from one television network to another. His artistic voice landed him a spot on the Inter Talent Agency making him a favourite for documentaries, commercials, corporate videos and award ceremonies live or pre-recorded.

In 2013-2014 the Disney Theatricals Company in Hong Kong, re-cast Dube to be part of the festival of “The Lion King” where he portrayed the character of “Scar” the villain, a giant leap from his last stance as a singing ensemble cast member in Australia.

A lot has transpired since the days of musical theatre and television presenting…
More leading roles in film, television, modeling are taking up most of Dube’s time in the Industry, having bagged 2 International film roles in the United States in 2018 which will be shot in Los Angeles, Dube continues to work hard leading a healthy lifestyle through his passion for health & wellness, empowering young people to do the same through social media and other public platforms.

Zweli Dube is a man filled with tireless passion and dedication to stay on top.

Below are some highlights of his 14 year career and achievements.


My Job as a voice artist is to make your product, service, idea or whatever it is you are trying to sell COME ALIVE. As an experienced voice artist, I do a lot of corporate explainers where I have to bring across a companies message in a lively, engaging manner, no matter the subject matter.

Zweli Dube has a unique ability to quickly “get” the nuances of characters and the reads required whether they be commercial or character voices. This coupled with an array of near perfect accents make him very versatile and able to fulfil clients expectations and beyond.

Dube is a highly talented professional individual who is well-trained in the art of voice-overs.
Like a fine wine, Dube only gets better with time. His trademark voice seems to mature and stay crisp with clear notes and a very precise way of delivery. Zweli’s ability to adapt his voice to the required tone and pace is remarkable. He is a pleasure to work with and very reliable.


Another great asset under the Zweli Dube – Conference Corporate MC umbrella is professional male modeling. Whether fitness, catwalk, product, cosmetic, swimsuit, athletic apparel – he is the chosen one for the job. A strong, sexy and well built physic that spans over a ten year transformation journey, working out and preparing to go on camera whether clothed or topless is something that comes natural to this hard-working stallion.

Zweli has modeled overseas as a runway model for a myriad of international brands. On his return to South Africa he focussed more on product and fitness modeling. The Zweli Dube brand seeks to venture and make a mark in the world of Health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle. The life he leads sets an example for young people and seeks to empower them to achieve better and live a healthier lifestyle.

Zweli Dube’s fitness career is booming with various brands showing interest in collaborating with him. His great physic and videos portray his healthy lifestyle on various social media channels which has aided in him becoming a sensation and winning the hearts of many South Africans.

Leading a healthy life style and wellness equipped with a vast knowledge of “what staying in shape truly means”, Dube realizes the sacrifices that come with this trait in each and everyday of his life.

Modeling locally and internationally, Zweli Dube is captivating different brands all over and is climbing the ladder of leading men in the fashion, fitness and the product industry. As an actor and well-known figure with a huge following, he is not only eye-catching but also a hard worker who is dedicated to look and lead a better life every day, and bring the product or brand to life.


Zweli Dube is your “Master of Ceremonies” with a smile and a charm that fills the room with endless warmth. He is a host with a magic touch, fueled with hours of energy that will bring your event or function to life. At 1.89m tall, good looking, well groomed and always prepared, Dube takes the stage and nails every aspect of the clients requirements.


A man who radiates confidence, humbling himself with every opportunity big or small, Dube holds a formula that relates to audiences young and old. His responsibility is to activate and captivate the audience at all times. With vast experience in hosting corporate events, festivals and award ceremonies. “As a host it is Zweli Dube responsibility to create and sustain your desired atmosphere throughout the event.”

Some key factors I include and make sure to deliver on stage:

• Keeping the event flowing and bridging between segments of the event.
• Keeping the interest of the audience and making sure they’re continuously having fun.
• Making sure the audience feels respected and staying engaged with them during the event.
• Making sure the speakers feel valued.
• Adhering to and keeping the event on time.
• Continuously keeping the audience updated and in-the-know of the events happenings.

Having a great sense of humor comes naturally to Zweli Dube. He is a funny and talented individual who has the ability to change characters and release multiple personalities. Always prepared to improvise, and ready to react efficiently to whatever may arise during the event. Dube is enthusiastic and very entertaining, easy to work with, and most importantly – very reliable. Zweli Dubeis not just the star of the show but makes the audience feel like stars in their own right.


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